Top 10 Best Eye care surgery Hospitals in India

We always find peoples who are quite disappointed while going through a vital time to finding the best eye hospitals in India. Sometimes this scenario turns a wrong way and people get trapped to visit centers. Making right decision in choosing hospitals is very important, so wrong steps in case of our treatments cost us too much.

Here our team has researched in the matter of India’s best Eye Hospitals, which cares about your time, money and emotions and don’t let ruin your health. All the best options in India now enlisted here.

1. Dr. R.P Center for Ophthalmic Science, AIIMS, New Delhi

The Dr. R.P Center for Ophthalmic Science is situated in the heart of Delhi which is an integrated part of AIIMS. This is a renowned hospital in India, established in 1967. Including premium specifications in their services, Dr. R.P Center provides you the best Ocular Microbiology, Radiology, Pathology and etc. Dr. R.P Center is situated in Ansari Nagar and providing 6 units of genuine working stuff and reputed doctors.

2. Shroff Eye Hospital

Shroff Eye Hospital is situated in New Delhi and renowned for its quality services. Being one of the oldest hospitals in India, SEH provides the best eye care including several other treatment facilities. Shroff Eye Hospital was established in 1914 and it really stands with trustworthy feedbacks from its clients.

3. L.V. Prasad Eye Hospital

L.V. Prasad is situated in Hyderabad. L.V.P EH is a WTO collaborating unit and helps about 2000 villages by free services and even provides training to Indian and overseas students for quality eye care education. Prasad Hospital was established in 1987. Including the services, and treatments this is a good infrastructure and excellent choice for your eye treatment.

4. Shankar Netralaya

Shankar Netralaya is situated in Chennai and founded in 1976. This has also a nickname called “The Temple of Eye”. Including India, it also well known in US, UK, Bangladesh and etc, so has patients from overseas as well. The doctor’s belt of SNEH is highly qualified with utmost training, and it always runs with a great feedback.

5. Aravind Eye Hospital

Aravind Eye Hospital got founded by Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy 1976. This is one of the oldest eye hospitals in India and well framed for its quality services. AEH has lots branches in India’s major cities so wherever you are, getting the service of AEH is not so far from your house. Besides the trust of the Indian public, AEH has also won lots of honorable awards for its utmost treatments.

6. Centre of Sight

In the heart of New Delhi Indians getting a great option for their eye treatment! Since the year 1996 COS has earned the trust and love of their visitors who never resists their services. Providing the utmost facilities COS comes with lots of operational departments. COS has about 13 centers all over in India, so wherever you are you can get in touch with COS for your eye care.

7. PBMA’S H.V. Desai Eye Hospital

HV Desai hospital is streaming in the heart if Pune since years and providing a bed capacity of 200 while organizing the best services for the patients. HV Desai was established in 2000 and it is located in Hadapsar. This is a great fact that HV Desai has examined over 19.75 Lacs cases and operated all 3.29 Cases successfully. The feedbacks and treatments are utmost at HVDEH, so people can go with it.

8. Rotary Eye Hospital

REH is located in Navsari, India. Offering various treatments by world-class equipment and providing a great mainstream service with this super infrastructure concerns the systems of Rotary. This was established in 1977 and still one of the best options for eye treatment. People from India can visit Rotary and go through their options to get better specifications in their treatments.

9. Amrita Institute of Medical Science

The AIMS is situated in Kerala. Including great eye treatments, AIMS have a lot of operational functions included their services. This hospital has a great infrastructure and genuinely equipped with modern technologies. AIMS have some exceptional and well-customized functions for their real time treatments which separate this hospital from the other options.

10. Narayana Netharalaya

Narayana Netharalaya is a 1982 hospital and situated in Bangalore. NN was founded by Dr. K. Bhujang Shetty, NN is quite an expensive choice but their utmost service and developed technologies really worth it. Narayana Netharalaya is fulfilled with top class doctors and instant help is always available here.

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