Top 10 Best Online Job Portals In India 2017-2018

Online job portals are the best way to search for a job. These job portals give an opportunity to explore a number of options that are not available otherwise. The online job portals in India are extremely popular for searching jobs. Recruiters at National and International level post their requirements on these job portals. You just have to look the jobs as per your qualifications, experience, the pay package you need and location and you can easily submit the information directly to the recruiter.

Here is the list of most popular online job portals in India

10. Placement India

It is a very good job portal for Indian users. It began in the year 1997 . It is runned by Weblink private limited. They also provide with consultancy services in addition to finding jobs.

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9. Career Age

It is a very comprehensive online job portal. All types of jobs can be found here. This site first came in the year 2009 and have helped the recruiters and job seekers  of different fields in a great way.

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It is also a great website to search all the options related to jobs whether you are an experienced or a fresher. You can easily type the keywords and the location as per your needs and see all the available results.

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7. Glassdoor

It is a job portal that was launched in the year 2007. It gives an option to both freshers and experienced people to search jobs. All sorts of company from small size to MNCs can be found recruiting candidates on this platform.

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6. LinkedIn

It is a good job portal if you want to get some professional feel. . It is the largest professional network in the world with job listings around the world. You get insight to many things on this job portal and it gives an international platform.

Web address is

5. Freshersworld

The website  is a good website for searching jobs for fresher. There are many recruiters who wish to employ freshers through this online job portal. This is a great website for freshers who are looking for important information and even training before the job.


4. Times Jobs

It started in the year 2004. This is a part of the Times Group. You can easily search for jobs related to any field on this job portal and it also shows important opportunities in gulf nations.

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3. Monster India

Monster India is a good platform to search  jobs . You can create your account here and find the recruiters according to your needs. It has an extensive network of job seekers and job providers.

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2. is an initiative of Hindustan Times group. It started in the year 2008. You can find many good job options on this website to meet your needs.. You can easily create your account on this job portal and send job application to the recruiters.

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1. is the most popular online job portal in India. This is the most trusted job portal by the job seekers and the recruiters at national and international platform.. This website was launched in the year 1997 and is the highest rated online job portal in India. You can see a large pool of job options here as per your choice.

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So here is the list of the best online job portals available in the country which will help you in grabbing the best job according to your Qualification , Experience and potential too.