India’s Top 10 Most Popular Beer Brands and Breweries With Price

Do you know which one is the most offering Beer brand of India? With no Doubt Kingfisher however, here we recorded Top 10 Beers which offer out in Indian markets. Chilled bear at night is viewed as a standout amongst the most stunning emotions. Be that as it may, with regards to brew, individuals are extremely particular. The top brands of India are considered on the premise of prevalence and deals records.

10. Heineken

This is a standout amongst the most sold lagers on the planet and is in the market since 1873. This is extremely well known lager and has extensive variety of assortments. It is similarly well known in India and is a standout amongst the most sold lager brands.

Price: 330ml beer cost Rs. 90/- and onwards

9. Budweiser

This is a Belgian-Brazilian brand that has won numerous hearts in the nation. The lager is known for the flavors and is extremely all around acknowledged in all parts of the nation. There are two variations of the larger and the solid Magnum is exceptionally prominent.

Price: 330ml beer cost Rs. 110/- and onwards

8. Corona

This is a Mexican brand and is exceptionally prevalent in the nation. On the off chance that you are experiencing a work headache, then the lime enhanced invigorating brew can be only the ideal accomplice. This is extremely mainstream decision among the common laborers in India.

Price: 355ml beer cost Rs. 240/- and onwards

7. Godfather

This is another brand that is known for the solid flavors. Notwithstanding, in the Northern part of the nation, Godfather has great client base. The Godfather Light and Godfather Super Strong are the most famous brands in India. The brand is additionally sent out from the nation.

6. Haywords

This is one of the brands that are extremely well known among the undergrads. On the off chance that you are thinking about the choice for solid brew then Haywards is one of the best brands in India. The Haywards 5000 and Haywards 10000 are the most well known variations of the brand.

Price: 330ml beer cost Rs. 65/

5. Miller

This is a lager brand that has grasped great measure of ground among the customer. The brand is satisfactorily valued and has fantastic quality and assortments. It is known for the fresh and invigorating taste of the brew.

4. Carlsberg

This is very prevalent and a standout amongst the most sold lager marks in India. The Carlsberg is known for brilliant quality. This is one of the brands that have sufficiently made fever with showcasing exercises too. Carlsberg has diverse flavors with gentle to solid. It is effectively accessible in the Indian market.

Price: 330ml beer cost Rs. 90/- and onwards

3. Tuborg

This is a significant new section in the market yet has caught it with supreme tastefulness. It was discharged in 2007 yet as far back as it has gained critical ground regarding prominence and deals figures. Tuborg is considered as the most loved lager brands for the adolescents.

2. Fosters

This is an Australian brand is a standout amongst the most prevalent brands in the bars in India. There are extents two distinct variations of the brew as Premier and Strong. In any case, this is one of the brew marks that have caught the market with superb quality and stun. The Fosters was propelled in the 90s in India.

Price: 330ml beer cost Rs. 60/- and onwards

1. Kingfisher

There is not really any uncertainty about the top brew mark in India. It is certainly the Kingfisher. It is likewise the most sent out lager mark from India. The lager mark began in 1978 and has been the pioneer in the market from that point onward. There are numerous variations of Kingfishers accessible with various taste and assortment in gentle to solid lager.

Price: 330ml beer cost Rs. 60/- and onwards