10 Best Ironing Board Covers 2017 to Be Great Protection for Clothes

The appearance of a person is largely influenced by their drape. It is not about the brand or price, but more important is the carrying way. If one wears well-ironed clothes and presents themselves in an appealing way, large part of impressing someone is already done. But, while ironing the clothes one has to take care of the effect of ironing on the clothes. For proper protection, ironing boards are taken into use. These boards are available in so many patterns and designs as per the make, model, quality, and features. For obtaining good piece one needs to see few significant features. To understand this better, we offer top 10 boards available in the market.

10. Sunbeam Ironing Board Cover

For affordable yet quality ironing board, one should surely give the Sunbeam board cover a look. It is 100 % cotton and the polka design in dots makes this very attractive piece as well. For a better fitting, an elastic band is adjoined to the edges of board. The thick fiber pad offers you a smooth and easy experience.

9. Whitemor Supreme Board Cover and Pad

One of the best features of this Whitemor Supreme cover and pad is its fitting to any shape and size of board and the 5-year guarantee on the product. Surely after knowing this, you desire this one. But, it does not stop here, it also provides other exciting feeds as adjustable straps make the fitting convenient, 100 % cotton made, no chance of stain and scorch while ironing.

8. Brabantia Size-C Ironing Cover

If you need a board cover helping you out in saving time, then what’s better than that of Size-c Cover from Brabantia? It saves time as there are metallic crystals over this, which reflect heat and needed temperature has gained in shorter span of time. It is regarded as one of the top desired products in this category as it is cost-efficient, durable, thick 100 % cotton pad, the attractive design, and waterproof feature makes it a complete package for the users.

7. Laundry Solutions by Westex Cover (Deluxe Extra Thick)

One of the best covers for iron needs is this one from Laundry Solutions from Westex. The most talked about and distinctive highlight of this product is triple layer design. The pad is made from 100% cotton, which is in pattern of elastic thick fibre. The fastener adjoined fixes your cloth in place and no chance of over surfacing took place. It is waterproof and repels stains too.

6. Epica Silicone Coated Ironing Board Cover

Are you looking for silver silicone coated cover, then check out this from Epica. It contains the same and so heat gets reflected from the silver silicone which completes ironing in lesser time than usual. The durability is another best attribute as made up of heavy padding. The Velcro strips and elastic edges help in getting into the shape of board without any trouble.

5. Household Essentials Replacement Cover For Tabletop Ironing Boards

If you are willing to own something for your ironing board, which is not only stain and scorch resistant but also proffers tight fit against slipping? Then, try using this one; surely you will get the desired product. It is made up of cotton material purely and thick pad of fiber gives added advantage. The tight grip is because of the bungee cord binding.

4. Standard Ironing Board Replacement Pad and Cover

The attractive design having tailored nose pattern makes it different than of others. It is cost effective, durable and desirable features are also there to make it on the list of top product in the category of board pad and cover. It is available in fashionable design so, it makes your board look better than ever. For quick and grabbing installation it comes with the bungee cord binding.

3. Whitmor Deluxe Ironing Board Cover

The Deluxe Cover from Whitmore is not only dust resistant but also scorches proof too. The adjustable stretch gives it an extra edge along with the waterproof quality for the mark. The foam pad enhances the comfort for the user. One can obtain this at an affordable rate.

2. Ritz Professional Ironing Board Pad

The pad from Ritz Professional is one of the top most because of its best quality and collective superior features. The heavy duty construction with cotton fulfills the need perfectly. Quiet durable and gives you waterproof and scorch proof usage. It is very convenient to install, because of its nose shape, corner pockets.

1. Kennedy Home Ironing Board Cover

The soft foam material and silicon coat give you best experience. No worries of any scorch or stain on your clothes. As it is scorch resistant and also not prone to stains. There are no worries either for water impact as waterproof also. It is a perfect for everyday usage and very easy to install and use both.