20 Places Where You Can Still Use Old 500 Rupee Notes

The moment when Indian government announced a ban over the 500 & 1000 Rupee notes towards taking a high time action over the black money orientation, a maximum of the common people of India instantly got afraid by the statement. But in fact, in the next minute of the declaration, a major support from the Indian civilization fulfilled the power of Indian government. All were thinking what they should do with their legal old 500 & 1000 Rupee notes, but in the main time government also announced a lot of perspectives to get their tension down.

Maximum of the people is aware of the prior notifications of the government, but it must be said that the boundaries of using the old 500 Rupee notes have been increased with a little bit extension in the mainstream function. The government has extended the limitations and time as well. Here are the latest 20 updated notifications from the government which will make you concern about the post using of your old 500 Rupee notes.

  • People can still use their old notes in any government hospitals.
  • As like the government hospitals, men can still use it to fulfill your court fees.
  • In terms of buying an LPG Gas cylinder, people can pay with old banned notes.
  • This is a recent update that Pre-Paid mobile users, can get their top-ups with old 500 Rupee notes.
  • In the international airports, you can use up to 5000 Rupees of banned notes for arriving or departing cases till the deadline.
  • People can purchase milk from the milk booths, which is being run by the government.
  • While traveling by train, they can still pay the on board caterers by these notes.
  • These notes can be useful for paying the crematoria and burial grounds.
  • A maximum payment of 5000 can be made of these notes in the consumer corporate stores limited purchasing.
  • In the case of traveling in metro rail and suburban, people can still buy tickets with old notes.
  • The farmers or others who are willing to buy seeds they are getting an extension of using these notes in any state-run outlets with the maximum amount. But in that case, only 500 Rupee notes will be acceptable.
  • People who are willing to pay any charges, taxes, fees, rents or penalties to the central and state government and even for local or municipal cases, they can use it.
  • If the person can show the doctor’s provided prescriptions and in any pharmacies, the use of old notes will remain same till the time extension.
  • Current payments and even dues can be fulfilled in the government electricity and water provider sections with these old notes.
  • The visiting sections or popular monument entry tickets can be taken by the banned notes.
  • The government railway tickets, government bus tickets, and also the airline ticket counters will allow the old notes.
  • The toll plazas have been ordered to except the old rupee notes till December 15th, 2016. But only 500 Rupee notes are applicable. And an arrangement of free toll has been declared till December 2nd, 2016.
  • People can purchase petrol & diesel with these notes.
  • At the state-run gas counters, banned notes are applicable.
  • The foreigners can exchange their foreign currency up to 5000 a week and the required entries about that will be made on their passports.

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