5 Best Auto Rickshaw Company in India

Auto Rickshaws plays a great role in our daily life. Like, it would be very difficult for a lot of people who does daily traveling by public transports for attending their office, college and school, if they don’t find the proper way to transport! Auto Rickshaws are one of the most important transport vehicles and they are playing a significant part as a transport. Being one of the most low-cost mobility, an auto can reach you the farthest place you can ever imagine. That’s why we are bringing you the best 5 Auto rickshaws brands from India, which companies apply their innovative thinking to make an Auto Rickshaw.


Piaggio Ape City is a highly popular name for providing three wheeler means of transport vehicles in India. Piaggio provides it, users, and four type fuel modules. Its fueling models are actually based on LPG, Diesel, and CNG & Petrol. With a reasonable price range of INR 127000, owners can easily expect a lot of features and facilities in their Autos. This is actually their highest budget which stands for the CNG fuel module. Otherwise, the Petrol module is the cheapest one, which approximately stands for INR 106000. Piaggio is a very successful competitor on Auto Rickshaw business and the latest release of Piaggio is the diesel model.

4.Bajaj RE:

Bajaj RE is one of the top most Auto Rickshaw Company in India. RE models are always very strong and colorful in looking. Like, Piaggio who basically works on the black and yellow combined auto models, but RE works with variants. These Rickshaws from Bajaj are not actually for the cheap rickshaw buyers. These models are a quite expensive.

Featuring the best functions, RE offers the best designing and colors and assures you for a great driving in any kind of rough surface, which is really a great achievement for a three wheeler. RE also stands with the four types of fuel modules and comes at a minimum price of INR 200000.


TuK-TuK is also a great option for buying Auto Rickshaw. TuK-TuK is a reliable brand especially for low-cost worthy owners and it also provides innovative features in its user interface. With a 200CC engine, TuK-TuK offers you two types of models, Petrol & CNG. This brand is also well framed for its designing and best looking colors. In terms of structure, TuK-TuK provides the driver a great durability and strength. TuK-TuK is not that expensive choice, so INR 125000 is a good budget for getting it.


Mahindra is one of the trustiest brands in India for choosing vehicles. In terms of Rickshaw Mahindra provides you the best. Mahindra rickshaws basically come in large sizes, and the structures are really strong and durable for the driver. Mahindra autos basically come with Diesel engines with an 8HP engine and provide good mileage. Being very economic in range, Mahindra offers the best passenger sits, quality features, and all the other necessary equipment. A budget range of INR 150000 is enough for getting Mahindra Auto Rickshaw.


The last but not in the least! All the people are aware about the best Indian company TVS. And TVS is also the best Auto Rickshaw providers of India. TVS King Auto models stand for strikingly shield LPG and CNG engines. With a reasonable budget range of INR140000, owners will get relevant features, better equipped and strong body, attractive designing and a 199.26CC engine. TVS King is going great in the Auto Rickshaw market so you can commit to it.