7 Best Celebrity Hairstyles to look attractive in 2017

Hairstyles sported by the celebrities can be of great inspiration while ideating for a new hairstyle. It helps that these styles are captured by the media and are available to the public. These styles define what’s in trend and what’s new. Stuck in a rut with a particular style or color option? Catch your favorite celebrities flaunt different hairstyles and setting up trends. Here are few of the stylish celebrity hairstyles for 2017 for your reference:

  1.     Wavy casual look for long hair:

Large curls are given throughout the mid-length of the hair for this style, giving it a lot of bounce and movement. It can complement many outfit options. This style is effortless to re-create with right kind of tools. Fly-away hair can be addressed by good quality hair products. Regular trimming, every 4-6 weeks is recommended to fight split ends and maintain healthy thick looking hair. This style does wonders if you want to create an illusion of voluminous hair because of all the layers.

  1.     Formal look with straight long hair:

This hairstyle is conceptualized around the concept of smooth and glossy. One can use a regular hair dryer to blow dry and get the simple yet sexy straight hair look. Make sure to set the bangs such that they frame the face and brings together the whole look. Different part options for the hair can be considered basis the face cut and the outfit. The smoothing adds a lot of glam and finish to the hair. It doesn’t take long to re-create this style and can complement any outfit for any occasion with minimal make-up. Different highlight and hair coloring options can be added to glam up the whole look.

  1.     Medium length wavy hair for a formal look:

Bob shape style on the medium length hair gives a bold and cute look perception at the same time. Leave the top hair relatively flat creating an illusion of a short face for otherwise long faces. To add to the funk, supplement it with bouncy curls around the sides of the face.

  1.     Braided Updo look on Long Straight Hair:

Simple trick for this style is to tease the hair at the roots and achieve height and lift by creating volume in hair. The hair then can be braided in an updo. Use different hair products to hold the hair in place and to make them shiny and glossy. Takes about 2 hours to recreate the hairstyle and is suitable for almost every occasion. It is a long lasting hairstyle if done right, so don’t be surprised if your turn a couple of heads on your way.

  1.     Casual Curly Updo Hairstyle:

This can be sported at a night event or as a casual style and is one of the best celebrity hairstyle trends. Hair can be set with the help of rollers and pulled up to be pinned, creating an elegant up style. Bangs complements this style to a great extent, they can be made to fall to the sides. Give it 2 hours’ worth of efforts and voila!!

  1.     Short Straight Hairstyle – Medium Blonde:

This hairstyle is all about short, simplicity and easy maintenance. The top of the hair is worn over to a side and the back and sides are tapered into the head giving it a casual finish. This hairstyle works best on short to medium hair length and maintaining it would require a trim every 4-6 weeks. To last the style longer ensure that the hair products dry naturally on use.

  1.     Formal Straight Updo Hairstyle:

Out of all the choices, this is one of the most popular hairstyles from celebrity options. This adds the element of sophistication and elegance to the entire look. All of the hair is rolled back in a clean and sharp style and pinned to the crown in the shape of a bun. Suitable for night occasions and weddings, this hairstyle will fare well with long evening gowns and dresses. You will need to use a lot of hairspray to hold the hair in place though.