Adam Sandler Net Worth And Biography

About Adam Sandler Biography & Net Worth

Adam Sandler is an American Actor, Comedian, Screen Writer, Film Producer and also a Musician. He is an American born artist, and widely known for these mainstream acts. Adam Sandler is a prominent actor in the Hollywood industry and has been delivered a lot of blockbuster movies to the audiences.

Career Of Adam Sandler

Though Sandler is an internationally acclaimed actor and has a super fan following, he actually started his career as a comedian and he is well criticized for this platform. Adam has been inspired by lots of high-profile comedians like Dennis Millar, Chris Rush, and Sam Kinison etc. In the early time of his career, Sandler played the “Theo Huxtable’s Friend”, “The Cosby Show” and also played a Trivia in the MTV Game Show called “Remote Control”.

After making a great career in the comedy and delivering lots of performances towards the audience he started to get approached for movies. Movies like Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, The Wedding Singer all are being loved by the audiences and he becomes a superstar.

Childhood & Personal Life

The full name of Adam Sandler is Adam Richard Sandler, and he was born in the year 1966 on September. Adam is an American and his hometown is New York. Sandler is married to Jakie Sandler in the year 2003 and they are leading a prosperous life with their two children. It also has been reported that Sandler loves to make donations for campaigns, clubs and even for political purposes. His early life in New York was really passionate and enthusiastic, because he is always with his dream paths Comedy and acting.

Adam Sandler Net Worth – $360 Million

According to the celebrity reports the American actor & comedian has a net worth of $360 Million and he gets counted as one of the top richest actors in the world.