Becky G – age, net worth, bio and power ranger – Becky G 2017

Becky G – the popular Mexican-American singer, actress and model! Read on to find out her age, bio and much more..

Rebbeca Marie Gomez aka Becky G is a Mexican-American singer, rapper, model, songwriter and actress. She started off by posting cover songs online, and then went on to gain global recognition after singing several songs.

Becky G Age _ – Becky G is 20 years old. (March 2, 1997)

Becky G net worth_– $ 145 million

Apart from her songs, Becky G has featured in a number of advertisements. She also owns several restaurants, a football team and even has her own fashion-line and brand. All these factors give her a net worth of about 145 million dollars.

Becky G – Bio

Becky G was born on the 2nd of March 1997 in Inglewood, California. Alejandra and Francisco Gomez are her parents. She also has a younger sister named Stephanie and two brothers named Frankie and Alex. Becky started doing part time jobs at a young age so that she could support her family. After appearing in advertisements and short films, she started posting several cover songs of herself in YouTube. Her commercial success in acting and music started in the year 2012. career. Apart from her musical works and television roles, she has also appeared in three feature films.

Power Ranger – Becky G 2017 – Becky G portrayed the character Trini Kwan (Yellow Ranger) in the 2017 American Science Fiction film titled ‘Power Rangers’. Directed by Dean Israelite, this blockbuster superhero film is the 3rd installment of the Power Rangers franchise. In the film, Trini Kwan is shown as a person who avoids interaction with others. Trini bonds well with the team and helps to attack Goldar in their zords. This superhero character played by Becky G was well appreciated by the audience.