7 Best 360-Degree Camera Brands to Capture Memorable Moments Easily

We see a lot of people are crazy to click their pictures every time and keen to capture every moment in their life. We appreciate photography, whether it’s your portfolio, or you are capturing the nature’s colors, everything worth love. But what actually creates a dispute at the real time photography, and especially for professionals!  This is the quality of the camera.

Investment! A very vital word in terms of buying world class cameras! Does u think that you are the person who can catch up the best frames in the camera if you get an utmost gadget for it! If you, then we have some major name today which can get your attention. The important thing, such outstanding products are also budget friendly! So have a look over the 7 best 360 Degree Camera Brands in the world!

Best Picks Over 360 Degree Cameras:

1. Yashica YAC – 436

Yashica YAC 436

If you are finding for a professional option, than Yashica YAC – 436 can be your best friend. The reason being it’s an affordable one, and required features are also loaded here. It has 1.5 inch LCD display, which can capture long panoramic pictures. YAC 436 has great 220 degree sensors, and the users can also handle it by Smartphone. It also has Wi-Fi connectivity and the pixels are also astonishing. Pictures captured with YAC 436 are completely gorgeous.

2. Lytro Immerge

lytro immerge camera

Many of the people are aware of this company! Lytro Immerge is a branded company, which offers consumers digital cameras. Their latest release of the 360 Degree VR has also gained a good attention in the global market. Lytro offering, high-quality optimization, including premium editing software, supreme quality of cinematic 360 capturing, real-time customization for a better experience and flexible handling! It’s literally costly, but the investment is worthy.

3. Next VR

Next VR

People who are finding for a great experience with VR + 360 Degree camera they will get a knack for it. This is a high technological camera which ensures you to get an outstanding level of control with the Smartphone and as itself the camera. This set can also be integrated with the PC. NextVR offers you full HD camera, with 180 Degree + 360 Degree shooting parameters. Talking about the professional grip, you are getting the RED 6K camera with 360D VR Ring. An amount of 3000 USD is a good to buy this.

4. Kodak PIXPRO SP360

Kodak PIXPRO SP360

Another cheap option in the best 360-degree camera list! The Kodak PIXPRO SP360 is a well-optimized camera, which has a wide ultra 235-degree lens and it can brick about 30 frames per second. SP360 is also compatible with using a Smartphone and several other tech devices. It’s even a waterproof device which you can handle in high temperatures as well.

5. Samsung Gear 360

Samsung is always a king on creating high-quality stuff among the global tech market! The Gear 360 is standing with 30 MP PQ, 15 MB sensors, Wi-Fi, NFC. Other features like Bluetooth connectivity, fish eye lens, dust and splash proofs etc are also inbuilt in this set. If you have fixed a tight budget, then an investment around $300 will make you comfortable to have it.

6. GoPro Odyssey

GoPro Odyssey

GoPro is another premium option under the best 2017 360 Cam brand list, but it’s an expensive one. In a budget of 15000 USD, consumers are getting hundreds of options in its mainstream assessment. Starting from all the basic 360D camera features, users will be enjoying all the optimum options in this camera. It has a very detailed quality of customization options which even can integrate the microphones for panoramic sound and video capture. All the cameras are sync together to give you a great experience.

7. LG 360 Degree Cameras

The cheapest but efficient option in our list! We know that LG stands as one of the trustiest brands in the world, and they offering this premium quality of the 360D camera in just $140. 13 MP of sensors, 2K resolution grip, 200 degrees of lenses support, expandable memory, control through a Smartphone and etc are the features of this 360 Camera.

The above cameras are the top-ranked options in the world. But being informed, that we are not promoters! We are fun lovers! We do this for your help and education. Get your pick! And Have fun!