Top 10 Best Antiperspirants and Deodorants for Men in India

Sweating can be considered good only during the workout as it shows that you are burning the extra calories else it really leaves a bad impression. But the truth also can never be ignored that sweating in tropical areas is as natural as breathing and it also does not come alone but with bad odour. As we can’t do much to stop sweating but bad body stink can be controlled easily by including deodorants in your grooming kit, especially in India where the weather condition reaches extreme. Let us have a look on some best deodorants by using which one can easily leave a good impression even in big gatherings.

1. Brut

Brut deodorant for men

The mild and subtle fragrance of this deodorant keeps are one of the biggest reason for which people continues to be loyal to it. It also does not leave any patches onto the body. During summer, the deodorant prevents the bad body odor.

2. Yardley

Yardley deodorant for men

A UK-based brand is one of the well-known perfume making company which is in business since 1770. The Yardley deodorants masculine fragrance is long lasting and lasts even for the entire day. The deo comes in 10 fragrances and every one is unique.

3. Nivea

Nivea deodorant for men

One of the most used deodorant brands in India is Nivea men, the company is also a recognized name for making skin and other body care products including shaving foam, aftershave, and shower gel. Its user base is mostly the youths and professionals because of its long lasting smell. It also helps to keep the body cool and prevents from sweating. The deo is listed in Top 10 most accepted deodorant brands of India.

4. Nike

Nike deodorant for men

Nike is one of the leading sports brands which is known to manufacture the sportswear and products. The deodorant is specifically designed to perform best in extremely hot weather conditions. Its masculine fragrance lasts for approximately 24 hours and having the formula which keeps the sweating and body odour at bay. The Nike deo is available in various fragrances in the market including Magnetic Blue, Wood Blast, On Fire, Cool, and Paranoia.

5. Adidas

Adidas deodorant for men

Adidas is a famous sports brand and is most recognized sports making products brand all over the world. It is also known for its refreshing and cool range of deodorants. As the company makes the sports products, thus all the products contain an active formula for controlling sweat and bad body odour. Available variants are Team Force, Get Ready, Intensive, Sports Field, Victory League, and Pure Game.

6. Park Avenue

Best deo for Men

The cosmetic brand belongs to the Raymond, a world class famous clothing brand, which offers deodorants for men. It’s wonderful and extremely fresh fragrance is more than enough to keep a person cool from dawn to dusk even in extreme climate.

7. Old Spice


One of the oldest brands which is manufactured by Procter & Gamble, an American consumer goods making company. Its natural fragrance does not need any marketing to attract a male crowd for its purchasing. The available variants are Original Classic, Original Fresh Classic, Wolfthorn Wild, Swagger Red, and Pure Sports High Endurance.

8. Garnier


Garnier is a well known cosmetic brand and also famous for its deodorants just because of its amazing fragrance. Most purchased variants are Extreme Cool, Absolute Dry, Invisible Deo Spray, Anti-Sweat Absolute Dry, Anti-Sweat Extreme etc.

9. Play boy


Introduced recently to the Indian market but received a great acceptance among men deodorant range. The Play Boy is available in three different variants in India which are New York, Miami, Ibiza.

10. Fogg


Another popular brand among teens and youths and is listed in Top 10 most accepted deodorant brands of India.


Indian men have to go through extreme weather conditions every day and are indulged in several tough activities which result in sweating. Knowing the facts several companies are actively participating in making best deodorants which are able to keep the body cool, controlling sweat and keeping fresh fragrances through the day.