Top 7 Best Baby Carriers Reviews For Baby Safety

Baby carriers are the best support systems for parents who want to carry their baby hands free and keep them close. They help in the bonding of parents and babies while the parent is out and about and wants to keep the baby close. It is ideal in all kinds of situations from going to a trek with your baby or the grocery store or just carrying your baby around in the house while you are busy doing other stuff. Baby slings are also ideal if you wish to keep your baby close. The best ones are those which are comfortable for both the parent and the baby. Each one might have their own different comfort zone thus keep your baby and yourself in mind while choosing a good carrier. Only the correct positioning of the baby is necessary. Carriers are great comfort systems for both the baby and the mother. Here are a list of 7 best baby carriers to make life easier for you.

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This is suitable for babies from the age of 6months to 5 yrs. This is a back carrier. Thule is a popular name in automotive carriages, storage products, roof bars, roof boxes etc. With having the expertise in all of these strapping, adjusting, fixing and securing was known to them and thus coming out with baby carriers was a good move. It has a fully adjustable back strap, a hip belt, a sunshade and also a viewing mirror.

  • Load capacity: 7kgs-22kgs.
  • Comes with mesh pockets and hydration reservoir sleeves.
  • Also, includes load stabilizer straps, dual access and removable stirrups.



This is suitable for babies from the age of 6months to 4yrs. This is a back carriage which is helpful for parents who are a bit on the sporty side and want to keep venturing out with their baby along. Just use thing and your baby is on your back without having you to worry about him. It is very adjustable and handy to carry as well.

  • Load capacity: 7kgs-20kgs
  • Adjustable to all height humans and growing weight of babies as well.
  • It’s possible to pack it down flat for travel.



This is a front carrier which is useful when the baby is born till the age of 4yrs. It is created by a husband and wife team who wanted to spread the awareness of baby carrying and thus Boga has made its name big in the industry since then. Its known to be an ache free carrier with proper padding for the baby as well as the parent.

  • Load capacity: 3kgs-20kgs
  • Double shoulder strap makes it easier for the parent to carry the baby
  • Padded waist band helps to distribute the weight of the baby evenly making it an ache free carrier for the parent.



One of the very good carriers which is useful from when the baby is 4month to 4yrs. It’s got 3 carrying positions which gives the parent a number of options for comfort. From Je Porte Mon Bebe this carrier has a 4 season thermo feature which means having an extra ventilation for the babies back. It has a meshed head ventilation which is suitable for the baby and for the viewing purpose of the parent as well.

  • Load capacity: 3.5kgs-20kgs
  • It can also be worn with a new born baby and comes with an additional seat that can be popped at the bottom of the carrier for the baby.
  • carrying positions that is front, back and hip.



Popularly known as the hip healthy baby carrier this is a good one for babies who are newborn to 3yrs. It distributes the weight of the baby around your hip and makes it easier to carry. It is adjustable to the growing needs of the baby and has an option of shifting your baby from back to front while the baby is in the carrier.

  • Load capacity: 3.5-15kgs
  • 2 carrying positions that is back and front
  • Its free from hazardous substances as it is made from 60% cotton and 40% polymer



A wide base carrier for the little ones from birth to 4yrs. It allows the babies to sit in two different and comfortable positions of froggy and ‘M’. It meets all the guidelines for safe babywearing by TICKS and is very comfortable for both baby and parent when worn correctly. It comes with a sleeping hood for the baby and a small pocket for soft items of the baby.

  • Load Capacity: 3.5kgs-25kgs
  • Available in zillion different prints and looks stylish
  • Two available positions that is front and back.



This is an all in one baby carrier which is useful for the baby from birth to 4yrs. It has a lot of seating positions for the baby making it one of the most comfortable ones. It a carrier, a toddler back pack and a hipseat carrier all in one. It has a solid anti slip hipseat attached to the carrier for the baby to sit on.

  • Load capacity: 3.5kgs-25kgs
  • Available in 4 carrying positions that is front, back, hip and hipseat.
  • It is similar to the structures of Ergobaby and Boba 4G

So these are the best baby carriers available in the market out of which you can select any one according to your budget and requirement for new member of your family.