Top 10 Best Detective Agencies in India

People go to detective agencies when they require proofs and raw facts. Whether you need to do a background check on a person or track anyone who cheated you, a detective agency can help you out. There are plenty of detective agencies in India but all of them don’t have a good reputation. Let’s look at the top 10 detective agencies in India:

10. D.S.P. Bureau Private Limited

D.S.P. Bureau Private Limited has its corporate office in Mumbai. This detective agency was established in the year 2000 and had maintained a top spot in the detective agencies of Mumbai. The detective agency is well sufficed and has good experience in handling various cases. Therefore, they are trusted by a large number of people.


9. Intelligence Network Agency

Intelligence Network Agency is a detective agency in Delhi. This detective agency has specialized professionals who offer great, personalized solutions according to the requirements of the clients. They offer great investigative outputs. They are expert in tracing essential information that is requested by the client. The detective agency has worked with many domestic companies in industrial sectors.


8. ESS Detective

ESS detective is another detective agency in Delhi that provides great services in tracing accurate information for their clients. If you need to find out something, you can rely on this agency.


7. Aider Detectives Private Limited

Aider Detectives Private Limited is a reputable private detective agency that offers outstanding services to their clients. This detective agency has been featured in Zee News, Star News, AAJ TAK because of their high quality services. They take up various kinds of cases and solve them diligently.


6. Apex Detective Agency

This is a specialized detective agency in Delhi that offers exceptional services. They can give complete details about any person or company. Their services are extremely reliable.


5. ASCON Detectives

The ASCON detectives is a private detective agency that has got accreditations and certificates because of its amazing investigative services. They have a great team of qualified and experienced professionals who are expert in carrying out confidential operations.


4. Spy Agency

The detectives at Spy Agency solve the troubles of their clients by providing accurate and truthful information. This detective agency can handle every case with perfection, be it personal matters or corporate operations.


3. Discover Detective Private Ltd.

This detective agency in Delhi offers accurate information and genuine services to its clients. They can provide a great solution if you are facing any professional or personal disputes.


2. Dolphin Detective Agency

Dolphin Detective Agency is considered as one of best detective agencies of our country because of their supreme services. The detective agency has received major accreditations and certifications. It is also a member of GARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals-US).The professional investigators of the agency are expert in solving any case.


1. Indian Detective Agency

Indian Detective Agency is a popular and reliable detective agency in Delhi that also offer detective services in Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Jaipur. The detectives in this agency are very dedicated and offer accurate information to their clients.  


These are the top 10 detective agencies in India that can offer high quality solutions to your problems at an affordable price.