Top 10 Best Electric Tandoor Brands With Price in 2017-2018

Grilling or smoking food items will add extra taste and flavor to them. Certain household products can be used for faster cooking, grilling and smoking food items. You can experiment with the various recipes if you possess the right kind of kitchen appliance. Let’s find out the best products from the top 10 electric tandoor brands. These products are used for making delicious food items by baking, grilling and other cooking methods.

10. Wellberg Micro Electric Tandoor

This portable tandoor comes with a capacity of 11-15 liters and is priced at Rs 1699. It is best suited for household usage and a one year guarantee is also offered.  

9. Magic Surya Electric Tandoor Black

Priced at Rs 2479, this multi-purpose electric tandoor doesn’t require pre-heating. It is easy to use, comes with a regulator and a toughened glass window.

8. Mini Chef PATENT NO-187971 Electric Tandoor Black

Ideal for grilling and smoking foods, this tandoor is priced at Rs 3288 and comes with toughened glass windows. The safe heating elements ensure that your food is cooked properly without any hazards.

7. Smart Life Mini Electric Tandoor

With safe heating elements, hard glass window and elegant looks, this tandoor is ideal for fast cooking. This shockproof, light weight product is priced at Rs 1799. It can be used for oil-free cooking, grilling and preparing tandoori items.

6. Microne M-5 1500 Watts Electric Tandoor

This is a multi-purpose electric tandoor that can be used to try out various methods of cooking. Priced at Rs 1644, this amazing product is best for baking, grilling and toasting food.

5. GLEN Electric Tandoor – GL 5014

With modern designs and elegant looks, this tandoor is certainly worth its price of Rs 4499. It comes with energy efficient heating elements and has a stainless steel body.  

4. BERG Electric Tandoor

Priced at Rs 2990, this tandoor comes with features such as oil-free cooking, shock proof material and extra safe heating elements. Purchase this lightweight tandoor to get a CD, recipe book and a non-stick sheet for free.

3. Wonderchef Sanjeev kapoor Professional Electric Tandoor Black

This electric tandoor is best suited for grilling. It provides super fast heating and comes with a slope for draining away the excess oil. Purchase this tandoor for Rs 3559 and enjoy healthy food.

2. OSHAM Electric Tandoor

This is a highly rated tandoor which is priced at Rs 2,699 and comes in black color. The power requirement is 240V and it is about 3 kg in weight.

1. GLEN Glass Grill 3035 Electric Tandoor

Ranked no. 1, this tandoor comes with features such as cook and grill facility, excellent heating and a large glass area. Priced at Rs 7599, it comes in black and silver color range with a power consumption of 800 W.

So you can select from the above mentioned electric tandoor brands if you’re in need of a high quality one. Always check the reviews and ratings before you decide to purchase products online.