Top 10 Popular Liquor Brands in The World – Best Liquor Brand List With Prices

The world of alcohol and spirit drinks is as complex as it can be. There are so many permutations and combinations in this field and the Brewers have taken all the advantage of that by introducing different types of liquor. Every person has a drink of their choice. Alcohol has become a part of daily routine for many of us.  From smoothness to taste to how refreshing or how fast the drink can get you in the party mood, there are so many things that influence the choice of a drink. So here is the list of liquor brands and prices for you to try from and find out your choice of drink:

 1. Moutai

moutai liquor

Moutai tops the list of the best liquor brands with a brand valuation of 5.77 billion US dollars. This Chinese Baijiu brand, produced in Maotai town in Guizhou province of China, has definitely established itself as one of the best liquor brands in the world. The alcohol is distilled from fermented sorghum. Although the brand sales figure are highest in the domestic market, it has definitely left an imprint on the international landscape. One 500ml bottle will cost you around $280.

2. Johnnie Walker

johnnie walker blue label

It is one of the most popular liquor brands of all times with bottles being sold in almost every country in the world. Originating from Scotland, it is the most widely distributed scotch whiskey worldwide. The brand has launched various blends over the years. The valuation of the brand stands at 4.63 billion US dollars. The whiskey series starts from $33 for a standard red label bottle and more rare and old bottles go at an even higher range.

3. Hennessy

hennessy liquor

Hennessy is a cognac house from France. With over 50 million bottles being sold worldwide in a year, it is one of the best liquor brands in the entire world. The house produces more than 40% of the entire world’s cognac. The brand has also launched collectors bottles over the years. To re-establish the brand’s position beyond the traditional older drinkers, Hennessy recently introduced products like -”Pure white”, “Fine de Cognac” and “Hennessy Black”. The products start from $19.99.                                                                                                                 

4. Smirnoff

Smirnoff is the biggest vodka brand in the entire world. The brand offers a distinct smoothness in taste as the alcohol is made to go through the distillation process thrice. Originating from Russia, the Russian version of this alcohol is known to have an alcohol content of 35-50%. A 750 ml bottle start from $ 14.99.

5. Jack Daniels

This is again one of the most successful and most popular liquor brands of all times. Jack Daniels has remained at number one position as the best-seller for a long amount of time. The drinks are refreshing and whisky goes well with ice cubes. The price range starts from $21.99 for a 750 ml whisky bottle.

6. Bacardi

This is the largest private rum brand that is owned and run by a family and is among the top liquor brands. Bacardi was earlier known as white rum. It is one of the best-selling rum brands worldwide with 20 million cases being sold in a year. The brand offers some of the most affordable options in the market staring from $14.99 for a 750 ml bottle.

7. Absolut

This brand of Vodka is the perfect blend of vintage taste and modern standards. The vodka is flavorsome, has a distinct smooth taste and a mellow character. Any cold flavor works well with this vodka drink. It is a must to have for any vodka lover. The price range for a 750 ml bottle start from $19.99.  

8. Captain Morgan

Originating from Jamaica, Captain Morgan has also used in skincare apart from being just an alcoholic drink. The brand has come up with varied and unique flavours for their alcohol starting from a price range of $12.97. The design of the bottles has also been given an elegant look, making it visually appealing for the customers.

9. Tanqueray Gin

This is the go-to alcohol for all the gin lovers out there of all the brands of liquor. This gin brand is dry, very palatable and smooth in taste. Slowly this brand has taken over and outdone all the other gin brands. It has composed grape peels as ingredient in a perfectly designed green bottle and starts at 19 euros.    

10. Havana Club

With a rich flavor and a smooth taste, Havana Club is known to kick in fast post consumption. This alcohol brand is ideal to add life to any party with the price range starting from 14.35 euros. This has been among the best-selling rum worldwide over many years. Havana is famous for being one of the best – aged rums across the globe.