High Quality Mechanical Pencils – 10 Best Mechanical Pencils for Drawing

Mechanical pencils are very suitable to use for some specific professions as an architect, painters, fine artists, and calligrapher. Apart from these selected professions now common people also prefers to have this as with this there is no need of constant sharpening. The lead point simply gets extended by mechanical movement. The best part of this handy product is it proffers neat handwriting, drawing and sketching become easy with its use. Here, this top 10 list of mechanical pencils gives an insight of their features and usage.

10. Uni Alpha-gel Shaker Mechanical Pencil

This gel shaker pencil is designed ergonomically and that provides handy use of it. One gets a firm grip so perfectly fit for drawing and even writing purposes. It has 0.5 mm lead point, which user can extend by gentle shake. Drawing of consistent lines becomes no tough task and these features make it perfect for children also.

9. Autopoint Twinpoint All-American

This mechanical pencil gives you two variants in one in terms of color. From one point twisting get the black lead and from another point, twisting get the red lead. Almost all sorts of lead points go along with this making it desirable. The color options make it easy for drawing needs. Its versatility wins over others from the same category.

8. Paper Mate ClearPoint 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil Starter Set

The fine grip of rubber design to the translucent barrel pattern makes it a hit amidst users. It has advance button of one click, to extend the point conveniently. The pencil has eraser adjoined, which erases the unwanted written stuff with fine clearing. The package comes with twelve lead refills, so as you see the lead approaching the end through a barrel, make the replacement.

7. Staedtler 2.0mm Mechanical Pencil Silver Series

This Staedtler pencil goes best for professional usage. The ergonomically designed barrel of silver color makes it attractive to own. If you require doing thick lines or shading, then it’s 2.0 mm lead point is an absolute help. The material used for its making is brass alloy and aluminum alloy, which does not get rugged easily. It is surely a bang on a choice to make your writing job fun and proper.

6. Lamy 2000

If you love to carry an elegant mechanical pencil with you, then choose this one from Lamy. It’s make is German the material used for its make is Makrolon which means high-end plastic. It is finished in a way which reflects a hardwood design and makes. Additional feature availed by this is a spring loaded pocket clip. The spring addition takes this to advanced form than that of the traditional ones used.

5. Staedtler Mars 780 Technical Mechanical Pencil

Another picked up a mechanical pencil from Staedtler is Mars 780. Along with durability, a quality it also offers great usability too. The 2 mm lead easily gets extended and so very handy to use. The plastic barrel has good weight and so ergonomically very well suited for drawing and writing. People love to use it because of its handy design.

4. Rotring 600 Mechanical Pencil

This one from Rotring 600 has a metal heavy body, so one can use it for long writing hours. The grip of this pencil is good and so helps in drawing consistent lines. It has 0.5 mm lead point. The product is regarded as top seeded as has precision advancement design which aid in exact length point extension. Apart from this, it also has an indicator for watching out grade as well as lead pony hardness.

3. Pentel EnerGize

The pencil with a mechanical feature from Pentel Energize is regarded as best for mass usage. Not the fact is this one is exceedingly best looking nor it is very burdened with specific features. But, the actual fact is it writes exceptionally well. The black accents with an edition of silver give users a nice option to choose. So, for awesome and quick writing, a suitable product to have.

2. Uni Mechanical Pencil Kurutoga Roulette Model

The Kurutoga Roulette Model has sleek design well fitted with 0.5 mm lead point. The plastic barrel is durable and also has a good grip to hold. It has aluminum construction to it, which enhances the durability. In this high end, pencil diamond is infused with lead for enhancing strength. As coming from a good brand it lives upon the expectations, so try using once and surely it will enter your permanent list items.

1. Uni-ball Kurutoga Mechanical Pencil Starter Set

This pencil starter set from Uni-ball Kurutoga is placed at the top on this list. The simple reason is absolute fine design and features. The lead extension is patented and is very easy to use. For detailing purposes in artistic or technical writings, it goes perfectly well. The lead point comes with diamond infusion and best part is point gets self sharpened while rotating.