Top 7 Best Motion Sensor Lights Reviews To Help You Arrive At a Better Purchase Decision

Taking cue of the fact on how sensor technology has moved forward at the end of this decade all the household appliances will have motion sensors installed in them. If you take the light fixtures they were the first ones to incorporate motion sensors when it become available and they have been on an increasing curve till now. They are versatile in nature, which makes it easy to install them both on the indoor and outdoor frontiers. They have a variety of features and boasts of a host of designs. Let us now analyze the top 7 best motion sensor lights reviews

1.Mr. Beams MB390 – Rs3,250


It is a large size and the best part is that you do not need too much power to operate it. It happens to be a high motion potent sensor light that can cover a distance of 400 meters or more. In terms of operation, there are 4 D- cell batteries.

  • Motion sensor installed
  • Easy to install
  • Multi purpose use

2.Tao Tronics Motion sensor light( LED) – Rs 4,181


There are two bright led’s attached to it and it has the capacity to light a large area and all this because of the 300-lumen potency. There is an IP65 weatherproof construction which tends to keep it safe from all climatic conditions.

  • The cost of power is less
  • Wireless installation
  • Feature of auto on all off

3.Mr. Beams MB 723 – Rs. 3,150


As the name suggests three powerful LED lights are used which are embedded with motion sensors that indicate a better measure.It is designed to stand up to a height of 15 feet and it is designed in such a manner that the light shuts off automatically.

  • Auto on and motion feature up to 15 feet
  • The Led bulbs are super light in nature
  • No hard wiring and easy to install

4. 3 pieces motion sensor light – Rs. 2,000

It has a bright LED light which ensures that too much of light is produced with minimum usage of energy.In fact, there is an automatic sensor embedded in it which sensors if anyone is at a distance of 10 km from it. There is a magnet inbuilt in it.

  • 3 way switch settings
  • The dimensions are compact
  • Motion sensor is infrared

5.Oxyled luxury motion sensor – Rs. 2,034

oxyled luxury motion sensor

There is an intelligent automatic sensor along with a backlit energy saving LED light to compliment it. All the necessary arrangements are in place so that lighting of the highest order is provided. Not only durable light but the design is of stainless steel.

  • Intelligent motion sensor
  • The design is stainless steel
  • Easy installation process

6.Lampat waterproof – Rs. 2000


One of the striking features of this light is that it is easy to install. It can be installed on any surface in a matter of few seconds. It comes with high powered LED lights that do not require any prior form of charging in the first place

  • The process of installation takes only a matter of few seconds
  • Ultra bright and eco friendly
  • Automatic on and off

7.Irainy E27 LED – Rs. 2032


This light tends to consume low voltage and low power with the color saturation being of the highest order. With your money, it is one of the reliable sensor lights that you can buy in terms of reliability. With its cheap price, it is indeed one of the top sensor lights that stand out.

  • It is energy saving and environment protective
  • Can be put to use for varied commercial purposes
  • PIR motion detector for on and off

To conclude these are the reviews of some of the top sensor lights in the last few years. Before buying one consider the purpose of use