7 Best Robot Dog Toy Brands for your Lovely Kids Entertainment

Robots are not a new stuff in this 2017 generation! The culture of having robots for getting help on hard work or for entertainment is going since a long time! There are various reasons and purposes on which we remember the need for robots. There are various types of robots in the technological world. Starting from looks, designs, purposes, strength and regarding a huge variety of concerns the levels of each and every robot are different. We love animals, and in that case, our love towards the very faithful dogs is impressive. People also find the dog robots for meeting several needs. Seekers of such robot dogs are in the right place today. This review of top 7 robot dog brands of 2017 will make you aware about what to choose and what to ditch!

Best 7 Robot Dog Toy Brands 2017:

1. Electric Pet Dog Harry

This pet has already a nickname, Harry! Starting the list with such a robot will make you stunned about the best creations! This is a 7” robot dog, which has a variety of features that can play a lot of activities with using the latest Bump and Go Technology. It’s pretty user-friendly and attractive in looking. Standing with the variety of light colors, this looks sweet and cute, which is most likable for your kids. It can respond to your touch, sounds, controls, and it’s a complete package for entertainment.

2. Paw Patrol Action Pack Pup & Badge

Paw Patrol Action Pack Pup & Badge

Pup Patrol is another best option in this streaming year! Plenty of activities, reasonable price, decent and attractive looking, all of the facilities stands like a perfect package for your kid. This set comes with a lot of equipment, which is pleasantly surprising when you explore the product. This is a reputed brand streaming since a long time in the global market, and it comes with three pack Everest sets. Planning of spending the whole day with this set is completely astonishing and won’t make you bore for a second.

3. WowWee CHiP Interactive Robot Pet Dog

A lot of consumers are happy with this excellent creation! Plenty of good feedbacks from the consumer interface makes a brand trusty and worthy! The WowWee CHiP looks pretty exceptional and tech friendly, but still, it’s cute to impress your feelings! It can respond to your touch, can recognize the owner’s face, and this also comes with a SmartBall, which looks like a football, with which it plays like a real dog. This robot is so upgraded that you can also use it with an app on your Smartphone and its plenty of features makes you accomplished to enjoy this stuff.

4. Georgie-Interactive Plush Electronic Puppy

Another efficient option under the best robot dog list! The most different of having Georgie is it actually looks like a real dog which is astonishingly sweet and pretty. It can respond to your 100 different commands. Giving you high five, cuddling all the time, sitting, stand and run, all the features are inbuilt in Georgie. Coming with own career, this stuff has a rechargeable battery and completely covered with soft teddy hairs.

5. Zoomer’s Interactive Puppy

Zoomer Interactive

The exceptional aspect about the Zoomer’s Interactive Puppy is, this can help you out with education purpose of commands. This can help your kid with quick study and make smart decisions instantly. Besides all this, this top class product knows several languages like Spanish, English, French and etc, it can cuddle with you when you scratch its belly and follow you all the way if you want. After all, it’s an excellent option, which behaves more than a robot.

6. Tekno Newborns Electronic Robot

Tekno Newborns Electronic Robot

This is a sweetest looking purple color puppy which has lots of features, and also comfortable for tight budget people. This is little small in size, looks like a masculine robot, but truly adorable. Activities like singing, answering to you commands, playing with the kid, are already inbuilt, and still, if you want to fix it with other attributes, you are welcome.

7. Hasbro i-Dog

Hasbro i-Dog

Last but not the least! Including Hasbro i-Dog in the best 2017 robot dog list completely worth it! Hasbro is a music loving dog, which is compatible with a lot of music engagements and makes itself a complete package of entertainment. Hasbro doesn’t come with lots of features, but the basic features are accomplished. Comparing about the pricing, it’s pretty comfortable to be with.

Preparing the best robot dog list is not our intention to promote any brand or company. This is exclusively for helping our visitors, making them aware about the market scenario and providing them with the best information to pick the best option. Thanks for reading, visit us again.