Top 10 Best Scooty in India Under 60,000 With Price 2017 – Most Popular

The basic tradition of scooters has been changed; today’s scooters came up with the new frame named Scooty! Everything has been developed in this vehicle, starting from the looks; it has been also developed with each and every feature. The demand is also high today because the civilization also spent a time when the selling of Scooters got totally down and the total market gripped a taste over Bikes. But after the modification, funky and attractive looks Scooty is competitive now days.

Besides having users from the senior belt, Scooty is also famous for the student and common ladies circle. While buying a scooty, they always find great options which can easily meet their utmost demands and budget of course. There are options available, but it needs to be explained. Here our team has been enlisted the best options for buyer which also comes under 60000. India. Just have a look at the listing, hope you will find your preferable one.

1. Vespa LX 125: 


A lavish model from Vespa, with a funky and attractive look! This is powered by LML, which is a renowned brand and holds an international business. The assurance of great product and fine millage are present in Vespa LX but let see some Pros and Cons about this Scooty.


  • Suitable for Indian roads.
  • Look is beyond awesome and luxurious color options are available.
  • Comfortable throughout the structure and size.
  • Required millage available.


  • This is expensive, and cost around 59000 INR.
  • Has a little starting issue, which arises about 2 times a month. You may fix it.

2. TVS Wego: 


TVS is well known to us, and Wego is a new creation of it. This is a fine choice, for light weight scooter lovers. At an approximate price of 51000 INR consumers are getting a smart model with dark color options. The wheels are fine and comfortable; sit space is also good and preferable.


  • Provides a powerful ride.
  • Light weight option.
  • Colors are likable for boys especially.
  • The headlight is cool.
  • Designing is fabulous.


  • Under seat storage becomes warm.
  • You have to be comfortable with the main stand.

3. Suzuki Access 125:


Maximum of the bike users prefers Suzuki, for its great engine and tough looks. You all have notified about the latest release of Suzuki Access 125. Here we enlisted some Pros and cons on it.


  • Awesome millage.
  • Outstanding looks with a tough looking silencer.
  • Sober quality color options.
  • Compact designing with level best seat quality.
  • Weight is fine.
  • Good engine.


  • Not fit for short riders.
  • Quit expensive, about 56000 INR.
  • Weight is not fine for girls.

4. Yamaha Ray Z:


The latest release of Yamaha, “Yamaha Ray Z” has got a great popularity within few months. This is a good option as a Scooty, but some pros and cons will clear your concerns a bit.


  • Affordable! A cost around 47000 INR is quit relevant.
  • It looks really different and commercial.
  • Powerful engine.
  • Great quality headlight.
  • The space over and under the seat is fine.


  • Millage is low.
  • The brake is not that high quality.

5. Hero Maestro Dix:


This has been a long time Maestro succeed the market. Today, it has lots of users. But for the new buyers let discuss some determinants!


  • Long and strong Design which is perfect for boys.
  • Quality performance.
  • Wheels are great and preferable for Indian roads.
  • Comfortable for riding.
  • Affordable! Around 49000 INR is the budget.
  • The space under and over the seat is impressive.


  • Millage is quit less.
  • The Pickup power is not that high.

6. Yamaha Fascino:


Fascino by Yamaha is also a great option for all the Indian citizens out there. With a trust of Yamaha, awesome quality of millage and glossy style Fascino started a new edge for the Scooty lovers.


  • Unique look, which suits both male and female.
  • Good millage about 52 KMPL.
  • Compact designing.
  • Handful color options and all colors are attractive.
  • The seat is really comfortable and space is fine.
  • Lots of features are available.
  • The acceleration is also fine.


  • Price is little high, about 52000 INR.

7. Honda Aviator:


The Aviator from Honda is already successful in the market. Providing lots of features, Aviator deals with a maximum of the consumer demands.


  • Features are good.
  • Designing is preferable not very funky but smart and decent.
  • Space for sitting is really fine.
  • Powerful Honda engine.
  • Acceleration is good.
  • Space under the seat is preferable.


  • Not very suitable for short riders.
  • Price is not cheap, it’s about 50000 INR.

8. TVS Scooty Streak:


This Scooty is not a new one in the market. But this is still not gained, a huge consumer. Its doesn’t mean Streak is a bad choice, just check its attributes.


  • A Unique look with glossy color options which suits female much.
  • The Double stand structure is impressive.
  • Space of sitting is fine and comparative.
  • Lightweight and also better for short height riders.


  • Millage is not that high.
  • A budget of 51000 INR is also not cheap.

9. Honda Activa I:


Activa is always a great choice to be with. And the maximum people of Indians really prefer Activa. Here are some Pros and Cons over Activa I which will help new buyers to make decisions.


  • Smart and large look with decent designing.
  • Full of features.
  • Great space to seat.
  • Better space under the seat.
  • Color options are sober.
  • Price is fine about 49000 INR.
  • Braking is fine.
  • Weight is comfortable.


  • Color options are quite less.
  • Male suits better with Activa I.
  • The telescopic suspension is a lack of.

10. Honda Activa 125:


This is the 125 CC option of Activa. This option is really competitive in India market. Try to focus on some keypoints of Activa 125.


  • High acceleration.
  • Design is awesome and suitable for both male, female professionals and students.
  • High-quality coloring.
  • Decent color options but not a lot.
  • Powerful engine.
  • Millage is also fine.


  • The price is about 57000 INR, which is comparatively high then the other options. But still amazing.


There is no any chronological order in the list so while choosing doesn’t think about any special ordering. We are not promoting any brand or specific product, such articles are for all audiences, and trustworthy. But judge the facts before buying any product.