7 Best Selfie Drone Brands for Selfie Lovers in the World

Are you a selfie lover! Do you finding to get a selfie drone for making your moments more memorable! But still, not getting the excellent options over a gadget! Wait. We have something to represent for friends like you. What if you get an ultimate list of the outstanding drone as your selfie assistant! What if we make you aware about the each up and down of a selfie drones, and even makes you assured about the brand to be with! Wouldn’t it be awesome for you seekers! Then no wait at all. Here we enlisted the best brands of selfie drones of 2017 which are the burning na

mes today! Give it a read to find your preferable one!

Topmost Selfie Drone Picks of 2017:

1. Lily Drone

lily drone

Finding a drone and picking up Lily is a brilliant option under this list! The lily comes with different features and those are attractive. In terms of flying, Lily at least can fly above 5 feet over your head, and the maximum level is 50 feet. Providing a PQ of 1080 Pixels, high backup battery, and a small tracker this stands with a full package. It can fly up to 20 MP/Hour and it’s good to record your sporting moments.

2. Yuneec Breeze

Yuneec Breeze

Yuneec Breeze is a popular option under the best selfie drone list. This has a 4K PQ, with a 13MP camera, and it also comes with an FPV experience through your Smartphone. Including the selfie, an orbit, and also a follow me mode, it has an excellent auto home returning features. The drone is user-friendly, so don’t worry if you are a new pilot to it. You will be comfortable to handle the device.

3. Kimon Selfie Drone

Kimon Selfie Drone

Kimon is a funky option under the best 2017 Selfie drone list! This is pretty small and portable; accessories are compact and highly tech friendly. This drone comes with several color options which are attractive in looking and its designing is also very simple. Flying the Kimon is an ease with your Smartphone. The controlling is easy and batteries can be replaced. So you can enjoy it as much as you can. The most stunning feature about the Kimon drone is it can capture 360 Degree panorama pictures.

4. Hover Drone Camera

Hover Drone Camera

Hope maximum of the selfie drone lovers has heard about the Hover drone! Hover is one of the smallest and coolest options under the best selfie drone list and this is stunningly lightweight. The “Zero Zero Robotics” who is the creators of Hover Crone are offering you 32GB of storage, with 4K resolution. Having Smartphone control is an ease in this set. It has 13 Megapixel cameras, which makes you recording astonishing quality of videos and photos.

5. Dobby Selfie Drone

Dobby Selfie Drone

A very smart and prominent drone, which allows you to explore it all! Providing 4K of resolution capability, 13MP camera, and 1080P of video recording capability, the Dobby stands with great demand in the market. In this selfie drone, you are getting 16GB of internal storage, and it’s a Wi-Fi enabled device. The most stunning feature of Dobby Drone is you can record live videos in this device.

6. Eachine E50

Eachine E50

Comparing with the other brands, Eachine providing you this efficient option in the least price! An investment around  100 Dollar is pretty fine to have this excellent product. Eachine E50 is an FPV selfie drone which stands with attractive features like 360D camera angle, altitude control, Smartphone controlling and etc.

7. Xiro Xplorer Mini

Last but not in the least! Xiro Xplorer Mini is a big brand which selfie drones are awesome in using. Shooting HD videos 1080 P at 30 frames per second and capturing 13 MP pictures feels supreme in this Mini Drone. There is a lot to explain, that Xiro Mini offers it, consumers, a lot of modes in the device which are tremendously helpful for real time using. Comparing with the qualities the pricing is also comfortable and fine.

Selfie Drones are useful for several purposes! This makes your framing experience brighter and optimum. Maximum of the mentioned products are available online. Willing people can also go for offline shopping. We are not an advertiser in this section. We just make our readers comfortable to get it.

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