Top 10 Best Selling Brandies Brands in India with Prices

Brandy has been the finest of French inventions that brings out nostalgic moments in the true light of excellence and class. Rightfully, India has been one of the finest of the countries to have the right taste for Brandy. With some of the noblest and perfect of the choices, brandy in India has been up with the best in the world by the likes not just reserved to the international choices , but some of the originals and the classics from Europe and Asia.

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01. Constantino Brandy – Approx Cost: 750ml for Rs. 674/-

constantino brandy brand

One of the classics of the Portuguese descent to hit the Indian markets, Constantino Brandy has been one of the most preferred of the best brands of premium mid-range brandy in the country. Premium taste and subtle flavors dominate the excellent experience that is worth every bit of your fun and entertainment.

02. Bols Brandy – Approx Cost: 750ml for Rs. 884/-

Bols Brandy brand

Pot stilled and matured Grape brandy with a classic touch of flavor and a soothing texture that is composed of brilliant history and crafted experience, one of the toppers in the list of premium brands of brandies to have a distinct and matured essence in India and truly one of the economical alcohol brands in the country

03. Mansion House Brandy – Cost: 750ml for Rs. 586/-

Mansion House Brandy Brand

The classic French brandy under the flagship of Tilaknagar Industries that gets you a distinct feel of the Indian vibe that sensually transforms into a unique flavor of cognac yet the cool texture of the original cast of distilled quality. Yet the exclusive choice of brandy remains one of the most authentic choices around in India.

04. Morpheus Xo – Approx Cost: 750ml for Rs. 904/-

Morpheus Xo Brandy Brand

Aged and distilled to perfection, the premium class of Brandy with the economic pricing and assured quality for times standard with classic and exquisite sense and flavor, Morpheus is a true blend of class and elegance in the country with an ecstatic reference to the classic malted brandy.

05. Clovis Xo Brandy – Approx Cost: 750ml for Rs. 900/-


The excellent class of French grape Brandy with an authentic twist of flavored and elusively distilled to perfection. Clovis XO is a twisted blend of French grape brandy, Cognac and the touch of Indian spirits. The Clovis is one exclusive brandy that is marketed and sold in the country with the exclusive class of original French descent.

06. Hobsons Xr Brandy – Approx Cost: 750ml for Rs. 1,469/-


Hobsons Xr Brandy is a standard in perfection created to have the brilliant sense of French grape brandy that comes from handpicked that are blended and distilled to mature and reveal a classic texture and soothing experience of the vivacity of Hobsons.

07. Napoleon Couronnier – Approx Cost: 1000 ml for Rs. 1,599/-


Napoleon Couronnier and Its variant is the finest exclusive distinction in the brandies that are put up in India. The classic and true blend of Flavor and texture are the true difference that makes the Napolean a class apart from the rest with a unique sense and craft of quality you can feel. The same sense and feel you can get of those best vodka brands you can trust.

08. Bardinet French VSOP Brandy – Approx Cost: 1000ml for Rs.2, 349/-


VSOP Bardinet French is a cognac that belongs to the authentic and specific type of brandy that belongs to the traditional reserves from the town of Cognac in France. Distilled in exemplary fashion, the cognac is just the finest of the choices from Bardinet in the long years.

09. Hennessy Very Special Cognac – Approx Cost: 700ml for Rs.4, 627/-


The original and the classic Indian choice from the house of Hennessey that gas proved to be a truly a distinctive class of Brandy all around the world. Distinctly noted for the blended ecstasy, the cognac is a perfection that has made it one amongst the best in the country for a very long time.

10. Courvoisier Xo Cognac – Approx Cost: 700 ml for Rs. 9,600/-


The ultimate choice in Brandy for Indians, the superior class of XO Cognac that brings a distinctive flavor of fruit, nutmeg, and spice on a floral bliss of sweetness the sense of savory oak is just an aromatic experience that a brandy can be with a total class of excellence.

Though India is home to some of the best brands in the world, there have been remarkable differences that these selections of Brandies have had on the choices. Largely though the preference has been best brandy brand prices in choices distilled from Grape with some of the rarer and exquisite choices that have made into the charts. Brandy is some of the better choices for Indians who have been listed as one of the world’s largest consumers of Brandy, of course excluding European countries

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