Top 10 Best Selling Laptop Brands in The World

Laptops are always the better choice to have a Personal Computer! They look smart, available with extra features, Consumes less electricity, working ability with internal battery, appears like civilized and the most efficient point- laptops are portable. Whenever you are buying a computer for full-time reasons, then a laptop is always a better choice because you might have to carry it.

But choosing a highly optimized laptop is not that easy what many people think. Here you have to select the proper configuration, proper styling, better display and all the featuring options with long time battery backup. So, if you are going to buy a laptop today, then may this article help you to meet your concerns!!!

Here are the best 10 laptop brands of the world, judging which you can easily opt your choice from the list.

1. Apple Laptops

American Multinational Technology Brand

apple laptop brand

It is one of the best laptop brand in the world. As always, Apple laptops are still the king of the technology. We must have to place apple at the first position because of its real time efficiency. Whatever you are going to buy an apple product you are commenting on the best level of technology. Asus and apple both are highly creative companies and ruling the market. Macbooks are always preferable of all the people and this stands for the most exceptional features, performance, and looks. But my choice is Asus judging all the points what yours friends!

2. Dell Laptops Brand

dell laptop brand

Dell laptops can genuinely take the third place in that top list because the survey says, dell has a great number of users in its bench and the feedback about is also impressing. You are also a consumer so you also can quote your experience in the comment box. Whatever it is on designing, performance, price, proper configuration, Dell can deal with all the aspects throughout a smart way.

3. HP Laptops Brand

hp laptop brand

HP laptops or Hewlett-Packard brand is one of the oddest highly known the international company which manufactures high-quality laptops at the best pricing. HP doesn’t focus that much on the designing but the performance and internal components really up to mark for long lasting.

4. MSI Laptops Brand

mis laptop brand

Starting the best list with number 10th brand MSI would really be very fine and loyal. MSI especially focus on the gaming platforms with the supreme level of graphics, first class motherboard, highly capable processors with class level of performance. MSI laptops are specially designed for high-time gaming and super reliable for the game addicts.

5. Samsung Laptops Brand


This 1938 South Korean company is popular around the world and renowned for its great technology base. With awesome looks on thinner design than the other brands, Samsung especially fits for the tight budget peoples. This brand laptop comes with a lot of color options and they are very developed for designing with super fast performance.

6. Lenovo Laptops Brand


Lenovo is a Chinese company which was founded in the year 1984 and still remaining in the global market with the top level of success. Reviews says Lenovo provides great quality laptops with high configurations even at a reasonable price but I personally never tested Lenovo stuff, if you have then you please share the experience with us.

7. Asus Laptops Brand


This is one of the exceptional brands in the laptop section and even stands with the highest revenue last year. Asus was always a very successful company of Taipei, Taiwan but recently it’s going outstanding in the global market. With a lot of varieties of choices, Asus is also cheap and luxurious pricing levels and all the prices worth it. High level of performance, pricing satisfaction, smart, attractive and innovative looks with extraordinary features can easily take the pick of the 2nd level.

8. Toshiba Laptops Brand


Toshiba produces one of the best as well as lesser price laptops. This brand actually launches glossy stuff with decent looks and colors. Toshiba laptops come both in low as well as high configuration, but be chill because if you even borrowing a low configuration Toshiba then it will definitely satisfy you as far as it can. These are sturdy, rigid in features and made with super quality accessories. Peoples, finding a reasonable one must go with Toshiba. As well as for luxurious and high configuration stuff.

9. Acer Laptops Brand


Acer is one of the best brands for topmost Chromebook selling. You know that this brand is one of the largest selling scales for the offices and cafes. The performance level of HP is damn impressive and Acer comes with good price ranges. If you want to get a great product in the price range of 40000 INR then Acer is a good choice.

10. Sony Laptops Brand


You all are aware of this one, so I don’t think this brand need to get introduces by me. I know a wide range of people using the Vaio Laptops, so you guys can share your technological experience with us. Vaio laptops especially focus on the coloring and designing with a supreme level of glossy finishing and an awesome and attractive designing.


Our motive is not to endorse any company or their brands. This information is highly reviewed and feedback oriented which are elected by you people actually. Still, if you have any confusion or want to state anything about the choices & ratings then you can easily comment on the page and get connected with our team.

Hope this collection of best laptop brands would be helpful for purchasing you new laptop. Which brand of laptop do you like most, don’t forget to share with us via comment section below.


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