Best Smart Wallets To Keep Your Money Safe

Do you travel a lot! Are you a daily office, school or college going people! Do you also face a little headache for maintaining your expensive stuff while carrying them! For carrying some small but truly costly products, the term smart wallet always hits our mind. But, the expense! It again takes a head back to not to go for it! But today the market scenario is facing a little bit change. Smart wallets, which are among the most attractive products of today’s edge, are becoming budget friendly for the middle-class people.

You know that in terms of security, there is no better wallet than the smart wallets. This is a perfect box which gives you strong protection with even 100% tracking security while theft or stolen. Let’s check the best 7 smart wallet options of this year 2017. Be sure you will get your preferable pick here.

1. Herschel Supply Co. Roy Wallet

Herschel Supply Co. Roy Wallet

One of the biggest brand names in the market of smart wallets! Herschel offers its consumers the most prominent wallets ever. Starting from a price range of 20 – 25 Dollar, this Roy wallet providing you pockets for carrying 6 cards, and as usual the cash money. If you are going for Roy wallets, then don’t worry about the designing too! Because Herschel here offering you plenty of varieties in terms of looks, and the patterns also facing distinguishes. Do focus on its attributes, we sure you will not get disappointed.

2. Stainless Steel RFID

Stainless Steel RFID

This is a stunning option under the best 2017 smart wallets! This looks attractive, as well as highly protective through all concerns. This is made of stainless steel, which makes the wallet waterproof, dustproof and extremely strong. In this wallet, consumers are getting pockets for 6 wallets. The most strong feature of this wallet is it a RFID wallet. Being a smart wallet, it offers you the resistance of smudges and fingerprints.

3. Woolet

woolet smart wallet

Hope many of you friends have heard the name of Woolet smart wallets! Woolet always creates very prominent products for its consumers. Woolet has also been abbreviated as the slimmest smart wallet in the market. A thickness of 9.9MM makes it astonishingly comfortable to fit in your pocket. Good looking, detailed space inside the wallet and another big attribute is users can charge this wallet wirelessly. Comparing with the qualities of Woolet this is decently affordable for all.

4. HENGSONG – US Dollar Bill Wallet

HENGSONG – US Dollar Bill Wallet

Now, this is quite a different option! Especially in terms of look! The designing of HENGSONG stands with a US Dollar look. This is light brown with shades of color and the texture is like leather. It’s made of faux leather and consumers can easily keep decent cash with 5 cards, in this slim fitted wallet. Comparing with the other best smart wallets the US Dollar Bill Wallet is pretty cheap. An investment of 5USD really worth to use this wallet!

5. Walli

Walli wallet

Walli is one of the most upgraded options among the top smart wallets! This wallet can send you notifications, and it has several other necessary features. Notification- if you forget the wallet to keep while in need. Walli even notifies you about your each card if you forgot them. This wallet captures a detailed concept which is completely preferable for every user. Comparing with the other best wallets, this has more space. The look is also attractive, and it also doesn’t need charging. So going with Walli will be a brilliant decision for all.

6. Alpine Swiss

Alpine Swiss

Alpine Swiss is another RFID smart wallet in this list which is made of blocking leather. It basically comes with a semi dark black color including more than 8 pockets, which is probably the highest in this edge. Providing enough room for your cash, its prominent technology of RFID helps you to prevent from any kind of skimmers. In terms of the features, the pricing for Alpine Swiss is pretty high; people with premium choice can easily go for it.

7. Radix One

Radix One

If you are seeking for slim options, then our top 2017 list will gradually recommend you the Radix One smart wallet. It looks dashing, classy and best for the stylish persons. It looks edgy, has 10 pockets for keeping your cards, like the Alpine Swiss and pretty good for carrying cash. Comparing with the features and designing, the Radix One is a bit less costly. As it is not an RFID wallet, so the price is little less from the Alpine Swiss.

The mentioned wallet options are well available in online shopping websites. Though you can also get them from local markets if available! There will be a very little price difference among the two segments. Try to judge all the features before you invest for any wallet. Subscribe us and visit frequently for latest updates, we recommend the best for our consumers.