7 Best Steering Wheel Covers For Your Beautiful Car – Top Reviews 

Steering wheel covers are a must if you need to make your wheels more good looking. It also provides a good grip to users and helps them control the wheels with ease. Nowadays you can find steering covers of various designs and sizes. Let’s look at the top 7 steering wheel covers that are available for purchase.

7. Custom Accessories 38850 P Black/Grey Steering Wheel Cover

This steering wheel cover is just right for adding both comfort and fashion to your wheels. It’s a long lasting add-on for your car’s interior.  


  • Steering wheels size 14-/2″ to 15-1/2″
  • Rubber core
  • Soft leather material with chrome accent

6. Superior 58-0550B Sport Grip Steering Wheel Cover

This is an extra wide sport grip steering wheel cover from Superior. It gives a comfortable grip and a clean appearance.


  • Size B
  • Comes with lace on wheel cover
  • Super thick material covering  

5. Element Automotive Luxurious Australian Merino Sheepskin Steering Wheel Cover

Made from high quality merino wool, this soft and luxurious cover will keep your hands warm during the winter season. In general, it keeps your hands protected and enhances your car’s value.


  • Protect your wheel from eroding due to rough weather
  • Fits all sorts of steering wheels
  • Cover can be washed and dried  

4. Unique Imports Premium Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Cover

This steering wheel comes with an elegant carbon fiber accent design and stylish black faux leather material. The leather cover helps to protect the wheel from both hot and cold temperatures.


  • Material is double stitched, sealed and eco-friendly
  • High quality, robust PVC vinyl materials are used for its construction

3. Lemonbest C0196 Universal Anti Slip Leather Steering Wheel Cover

This is an anti slip leather wheel cover that offers a soft grip to users. The anti-slip sweatband is the main highlight of this wheel cover.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Made of hard PU leather material
  • Serves as an excellent replacement cover

2. Plasticolor 006736R01 Star Wars Darth Vader Steering Wheel Cover

This is a star wars themed steering wheel cover specially designed for all Star wars fans. It comes with a light design and offers a comfortable grip to all users.


  • Easy to handle
  • Fits all modern vehicles
  • Can be cleaned easily

1. Everything Automobiles Black Steering Wheel Cover

This wheel cover offers the best driving experience for all users. With a durable black cover material, this cover is ranked number one due to its extremely classy look and comfortable fit.  


  • Offers soft padding for luxury comfort
  • Textured, odor-free material
  • Fits all sorts of wheels
  • Best seller in many regions

Steering wheel covers add a cool look to your car interior and help you drive with ease. Now you know the top covers that are manufactured by various brands. So, get a smooth and comfortable grip using any of the above mentioned steering wheel covers.