8 Best Vapes Brands to get the Feel of Smoking

Vape Pens or Vaporizer Pen, are the device by which one can easily live the feeling of smoking a cigarette. We see a lot of people using Vape Pens these days. There are several critical reasons behind it. Including the health issues, there is also attributes like flavor, style, and taste which differentiate such stuff from the original cigarettes.  Whatever if we talk about the health concerns, then E-Cigarette or Vape Pens are also not that healthy for us, but without talking about these impacts, let’s focus on the need you seeking for.

Here we enlisted the best Vape Pens of the world, which are streaming well in the supermarket and are in demand of the seekers. So if you are also a vape pen lover, then such a listing will entertain you so much.

1. The Sleeve Mod By Limitless

The Sleeve Mod By Limitless

Starting the best vape pen list with Sleeve Mod will give this representation a good sense! Criticizing the style, designing, coloring, and battery quality, Sleeve Mod is a very reasonable product in a price like 68 USD. Providing the users a supreme quality of vaping mode, it even has the advantages like hybrid connection & four point rail system which makes it more approachable to you. It has a removable battery, and because of having the hybrid connection, users can easily minimize the voltage while using.

2. V2 Pro Series 3

V2 Pro Series 3

A budget around 60 USD is pretty comfortable for having this high ranked Vape Pen! The sealed pack of V2 Pro Series 3 comes with high-quality accessories and required equipment. Its killer black look makes you stylish while smoking the pen and being well designed its cool for using. Like the other E-Cigarette options, this also comes with E-Liquid, and you can also add other flavors if you want. Providing the abilities like vaporizing e-liquid, loose leaf and waxing and etc makes V2 Pro Series 3 attractive to buy.

3. Phantom by WOTOFO

Phantom by WOTOFO

Comparing with the designing, looks, coloring and quality Phantom is pretty affordable one in terms of the above options. A budget around 45USD is fine to smoke this Vaporizer Pen. Phantom has looked with copper and gold coated coloring, even it provides 24K gold plated springs that the user can customize their vaporizing. The battery quality is also high, and it’s also getting a great adjustable Delrin ring for enhancing your smoking experience. A fully sealed pack of Phantom comes with all the necessary accessories, and the charging quality is also up to mark for the high time smokers.

4. Kanger Subvod

Kanger Subvod

Kanger Sub Vod is also a premium option for the best vape brands, people who having a great e-liquid taste and love to smoke, they will gradually prefer this vape pen. Coming with a battery capacity of 1300 mAh, it can serve you with different flavors including several interesting features. An investment around 40 USD will be appropriate for having kanger Subvod. It comes with the attractive metallic body and catchy designing. Vaporizing the e-liquids with Kanger Sub vod is an excellent experience.

5. Tugboat V2 Mod

Tugboat V2 Mod

Tugboat V2 Mod is a supreme option under this list! Tugboat V2 gives you lots of varieties, it differentiates products with color, with flavors and even with look sometime. This is a product of Flawless brand and to be so true, Tugboat is pretty expensive than the other above listed options, but the quality worth it. This provides you 18650 Tube Mod, standing with copper construction; the Tugboat also offers you the hybrid atomizer connection and silver plated spring. People willing to use a premium vaporizer pen with all the great features can easily go for Tugboat V2 Mod, but a statement for the tight budget people, its costs around 148 USD.

6. VaporFi Rocket

VaporFi Rocket

VaporFi Rocket is a stunning option in this list! Not very expensive like Tugboat and not least expensive like Phantom, but build with all the essential vaporizer pen qualities. Charging an amount of 90USD the brand new sealed pack of VaporFi Rocket comes with the vape pen, tank, the USB charger, its five spare coils and simply with the manual. And yes, wall adaptor is another thing which you will get in the pack. The high quality of the battery, and pleasant experiencing, all is available in VaporFi Rocket so you better take it as a suggestion if you love e-cigarettes.

7. Pioneer4You iPV 4S

Pioneer4You iPV 4S

Pioneer4You iPV 4S is a classic option under the best 2017 vape pen listing. Pioneer offers you a 120 W of power, providing the controlling between 212 to 572-degree Fahrenheit, and it supports 18650 range of two batteries. Pioneer4You comes with awesome attractive designing and colorings like black or steel body. This branded product costs you around 73USD, and comparing with other options, it has also pretty much featured to serve you.

8. Ragnarok Full Copper

Ragnarok Full Copper

Last but not in the least! The Ragnarok Full Copper, a product by VLS, is also ruling the recent market. Starting from the stunning designing, it has a lot to show off. As like the other best quality vape pens, Ragnarok also provides you all the utmost features, but has an excellent distinguish as Ragnarok is 99% pure copper, which is extremely attractive for the buyer. Comparing with its qualities, including the battery, vaporizing, smooth throwing voltage drop, and even with the copper making, the price is pretty low, which is around 99USD.

Friends, hope you enjoyed the listing, and already got your favorite pick. If so, then keep visiting our page and do comment in the below area, which will make us provide you more presentations for future.