Top 7 Best Wooden Bezel Watch Brands in the World

In the recent edge, these new rising design made of wood has become the catchiest attraction for the luxurious hand watch users. Nowadays, this kind of watches is becoming the most attractive stuff for the trend-loving people. Wooden Bezel Watches are known as one of the luxurious options under wristwatches. Talking about the pricing, mid class peoples are far beyond to approach them, but people who really can pay a lot for their personality enhancement, a price like 5000$ is also nothing in front of them to spend for a wooden bezel watch. Yes! This is the range limit of a luxurious wooden bezel watch. Now, being interested, you better check the whole list of world’s

best wooden bezel watches, and also pick your favourite from the list.

1. Cocuzzi: Number 05

Cocuzzi: Number 05

Cocuzzi 05 is an astonishing choice for all the wooden bezel watch lovers! The brand has some premium features in the product and buyers will love to explore it. It’s providing the Swiss ETA 251.272 movement and it has totally 61 parts excluding the movement. All the parts of this bezel watch are Swiss made, and in the bezel, the consumers are getting a brass machined support installed. Grabbing such a style, complexion and quality does worth about 3500USD, this is critically reasonable for this product.

2. Mimosa Chocolate

Mimosa Chocolate watch

Mimosa Chocolate is especially a woman watch, which has been succeeding in the market for a long time. Mimosa offers a simple look, with a clear but well polished black wooden with brawny shades. Comparing with the Cocuzzi this is quite cheap. A round faces with clearly written digits 6 & 12 and its high-quality mechanism makes this WeWOOD watch one of the top bezel watches to rank in the list.

3. Grovemade Walnut

Grovemade Walnut

Grovemade-Walnut has been made of the materials like stainless steel, tanned leather strap and by other domestic vegetables. Over this concern, the stunning fact is that it has polished with vegetable based oils. Criticizing its quality, standards and the materials used in making, the price range of Grovemade: Walnut is closely small! A budget spending around 250USD is comfortable for having this. The thickness of this watch is 0.39 inches and the diameter is about 1.58 inches. That so its highly comfortable while wearing in your wrist and its supreme looks enhance your personality.

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4. Maui Kool Hana

Maui Kool Hana

This is another brand name in the frame of topmost bezel watch. It has been noted as the most sold ladies wooden bezel watch, but according to the looks, it can also be worn by men too. Maui Kool Hana is totally made of 100% wood, and in terms of polishing and shading, there is no any use of chemicals or artificial glowing materials. This watch has a strong look with a good width wooden band and it’s providing a quality interface which has golden color needles. Providing astonishing looks and several other high-quality features in the watch it makes this product to survive in the top 8 bezel watch list.

5. Jesus 4lonso: MX

Jesus 4lonso MX

Comparing with others in the list this bezel watch is pretty exceptional in terms of looks and designing. Jesus 4lonso is streaming madly in the wooden bezel watch market and making a huge difference in the field. Jesus 4lonso has been designed by a Mexican designer and the stunning point is it’s a digital watch. It comes with a very simple wood color but it has a great finishing of both side different appearance as deep & light. Jesus 4lonso offers you optimum features and all these costs about 4000USD.

6. Valerii Danevych

valerii danevych watch

Valerii Danevych is the Retrograde Wooden watch which is one of the most expensive bezel watches in the market. Valerii Danevych Retrograde stands with a price range of 196000 USD. Comparing with its price, consumers are also getting a great quality product which is completely outstanding.   It has 100% made of woods, and also with several other materials like birch, hornbeam, bamboo, and apple. Valerii Danevych is 46MM wide & 18MM thick. Besides all the most excellent function is it has totally 188 parts in its interface which makes it the most featured bezel watch in the market.

7. Tense Maria: Maplewood & Sandalwood Watch

Tense Maria: Maplewood & Sandalwood Watch

After all the above variety, this is now a unique and genuine choice for all the women. This is a real feminine choice and astonishingly stunning. It’s totally made of wood and has pretty looking small dial where all the digits have been written like a pure analog watch. It has a fresh look with exceptional color detailing and also gives you a feeling of wearing a handmade premium watch. Tense Maria is a well-known brand in the market and it’s pretty expensive too.

We mentioned the top list above the listing! But be sure that we are not promoting any brand or products from our personal benefit, but all the articles are for education and knowledge purpose, and entertainment. Hope you enjoyed it, and if so then keep visiting and commenting that we can serve more.