Boxer Mike Tyson Net Worth and Biography

About Boxer Mike Tyson

The so called name around the world “Mike Tyson” is a former professional American boxer. He is popular around the world and holds a lot of outstanding records in boxing.

Career Of Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is always regarded as one of the great boxers in the world, and the person has a lot of world records which he even achieved in his youngest ages an exceptional case in the boxing history. Tyson held the undisputed heavyweight championship and made the record became the youngest boxer ever to win the WBA, WBC and IBF knockout.

Tyson started to do professional and national boxing in the year of 1981 and at the Junior Olympic Games of 1981 & 1982, & he also won Gold medal. In his great boxing career, Tyson has defeated a lot of international boxers & become one of the kings of boxing.

Besides having Gold in Olympic, Tyson has also been honored by lots of most prestigious national awards which are highly reputed for his field. In his career Tyson has 58 international boxing matches and won 50 of them, he lost 6 and rest of 2 was no contests.

Childhood & Personal Life

The full name of Tyson is “Mike Gerard Tyson” and he is also known as “Malik Abdul Aziz”. He was born in 1966 on June in the New York City. The beloved nicknames of Tyson are “Kid Dynamite” and “The Baddest Man in the Planet”.

Tyson has been married for 3 times and he is recently living with his wife Lakiha Spicer since 2009. In his life, Tyson also gets engaged with several vital controversies, and there were also times when the graph of his career was not going well. But the king managed all and again made a comeback after get disappointed with his condition and he is still ruling in the heart of billions.

Boxer Mike Tyson Net Worth

That’s really a heart throbbing fact that once this great boxer used to own an amount of $300 Million. But after getting caught by lots of vital controversies and for poor financial decisions and bankruptcy, today Tyson only stands with a net worth of $1 Million.