Donald Trump Biography & Net Worth – Latest President of America

Know about Donald Trump Biography & Net Worth – Latest President of America

Donald John Trump is the officially elected 45th President of United States of America defeating democratic candidate Hillary Clinton with substantial margins in an unprecedented move. Here is the short biography of the newly elected President of America.

About Him:  Donald Trump is an American Businessman, Author, television personality and now newly elected president of America. Involved in many controversies ranging from his comments on terrorist activities  to tax evasion to sex scandals, Trump left no stone unturned in making it to headlines every time. He represented the Republican Party as a nominee for the US presidential elections. He was running his family business in the name of the ‘The Trump Organization’ which has interests in Real estate, Golf courses, and other businesses, before his political career.

Career and Formative years: Born on 14th June 1946 in Queens, New York City, Donald John Trump was born and brought up in New York City. He got a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Wharton School, the University of Pennsylvania in the year 1968. He was managing his father’s real estate and construction business before announcing his president candidacy in 2015.

Family Life: Trump has an interesting family tree. Married to two former models, he has five children and seven grandchildren. Trump first married Ivana Trump in 1977.They divorced in 1992. Later he married a 28-year model Melania Trump in 2005.

Net Worth:  Donald Trump is one of America’s billionaire. As per the 2016 statistics, Donald Trump has a total Net worth of 3.7 billion USD. In the year 2005, a writer has been sued by Trump for calling him a millionaire instead of a billionaire.

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