Top 10 Fun and Easy Things to Draw When You are Bored

Today we have decided to share top 10 fun and easy things to draw when you are bored. Bored of your daily activities????? Sometimes you might feel that time has stopped and you have nothing to do. The crunchiest source of evidence is when you have to wait for someone in the restaurant, you are there for prolonged hours but your guest is still missing the place. What to do to make your wasting time enjoyable. There are some funny and easy things that you can do in that spare time to entertain yourself.

01. Comic Strips


Kill your boring time with a little jest; create your comic strips describing your crisis and crunches of life in excessive boredom. If you are in pain of tolerating tiring lecture, sketch the comic drawing of your weirdest teacher. Comic strips are the great measures to entertain one.

02. Aliens


Wow…what a wonder is aliens? They are like Gods, never seen but create excitement and amusement in the body. A simple sketch of aliens cannot only excel your drawing skills but also will source a nice imagination. Take a leap from the present time and find the amazing creatures around you with your sketches and drawings. It would enormously adventurous too.

03. Inspire or be the Inspired


Do anything inspires you, there are a lot of persons, things, and creations that inspire an individual’s mind.  But you are a person who has to decide whether you want to be inspired or inspire someone else. School age is a nice phase to get indulged into something creative.  You can create something, which wanders inside you or takes an inspiration of others imagination to start something interesting.

04. Build your Utopia


Taking the liberty is the best feeling for any of us. So, why to wait? Let your brain and heart get away from all the daily routine works, responsibilities and monotonous schedule. Just get close to your heart that you can hear your own heartbeat and be absorbed in your imagination. Take the aid of wandering skills of your thoughts and bring that live on paper.

05. Be the Deconstructor


Not every time one is in great of a mood. There are moments when anger, worries are going all through our self. What is the best way to take that all out of us? You are guessing it very right. Pick your pen and paper and start to have all your negative deconstructive thoughts crafted on the paper. You would surely feel lighter and relieved.

06. Favourite Pet on Paper


There is no doubt about the fact that pets are human’s best friends. You are getting bored, or feeling lonely, missing or tiresome. Simply start visualizing your favorite pet and paint that on the notebook pages. Suddenly you would start feeling way happier.

07. Mark the Eye


It’s quite surprising that almost all corners of the world have the similar story of rough artwork. Most of us must have tried drawing eyes in our school days. Nevertheless the fact remains true in its best of way that most of the eye drawing is not even deserved to have second look. But, still, this piece of art is still famous amongst children of this age and era.

08. Draw Mr. Professor


Do you have felt the emotions of not seeing your professor in the scheduled class and the lecture gets canceled? It would have happened most probably in many of cases. But, not being so lucky professor mostly bumps into the class. Then, what next? The answer is simple, draw the most possible ugly picture of professor in the back of the notebook and has all your disappointment out there.

09. Butter-(up)-fly your Time


Childhood and adolescent age are where we aim to fly higher and touch highest peak of success. When you think like that your thoughts get printed in the same way. So, there is nothing wrong, when one find a winged boy flying higher and higher in sky reaching to the limits.

10. Your Classmate


Either one is your favorite classroom buddy or one who irritates you most, both could be apt for getting inked on your drawing pages. While you are busy in having that image transcript on notebook, even you are unaware of the fact that smile is taking shape on your face.


Not letting your boredom take over you is an art. And what could be the best way to avoid such boredom? The creative form, and here that is meant for drawing pictures of something you are wishing for, something you love, something from deep down your imagination and soon.

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