Top 10 greatest and heartiest photos ever taken

10. The Power of One – 2007

most amazing photos of all time

This one is also a Pulitzer photo. According to the photo, it was “Awarded to Oded Batility of the Associated Press for its powerful photo where a lone Jewish woman is trying to stop Israeli forces in order to the removal of illegal settlers in the West Bank. This one is the strongest and coolest pictures ever.

9. ‘Wait for me, Daddy’

greatest photos of all time

Who doesn’t know about WWII!!! Our next image is representing something touchy from that era. This lovely and emotional photograph contains young Canadian Warren Bernard who is running after his father who is all set to leave for war place.

This image shows two sides of humanity, one depicting the cruelty of war and another where a child trying to stop his father as he has little perceptions and understanding of war results.

8. A Walk To The Paradise Garden – 1946

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This iconic image was clicked by W. Eugene Smith in 1946. He took this photo while he walked with his two children towards a sun-bathed. Children were Juanita and Patrick. He submitted the image to Edward Steichen’s, today’s popular Family of Man exhibit at the MOMA in 1955. Later it won the competition.

7. Famine in Sudan

greatest photos ever taken

This photograph may be at the 8th position in our list, but it would be most pitiful image ever taken. Kevin Carter’s photo sparked much storm as he showed the poor side of Sudan where a starving girl is eagerly looking for food.
It is also said that he would have committed suicide after a year taking this photo, he was just 33. It is also not known that whether the girl survived or not.

6. Assassination of Japan Socialist Inejiro Asanuma – 1960

top 10 best photos ever taken

This photo is said to be one of the perfect photos ever as it was taken just a second before a right-wing extremist stabbed Japanese socialist Party leader Asanuma. The photographer was Yasushi Nagao whose perfect clicking won Pulitzer prize for him and also known as one of the most popular photos of the 1960s.

5. Lynching of Young Blacks – 1930

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This photo was taken by Lawrence Beitler on August 7, 1930. This picture is so inspirational and iconic that it gave birth to many poems, books, and songs. Although the reality behind the picture says that there were two young black guys lynched for the accusation of raping a white girl. This was done by a mob of 10,000 men, imagine the crowd.

4. Afghan Girl – 1984

most amazing photos of all time

The classic photo was taken by National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry. This picture has a girl named Sharbat Gula, she was photographed when she was staying in the refugee camp during the time of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. She was one of the students in an informal school there. She came to limelight when her image became cover pic of National Geographic Magazine in 1985. This image is the best picture ever nominated by several associations.

3. Food Theft, 1998

greatest photos of all time

British photojournalist Tom Stoddart took this pitiful image. Sudanese government allowed good food aid to its southern part. He took the photo of a boy who waited for long hours in the queue but was robbed by a stronger man instead. He felt helpless then seeing this incidence.

2. Omayra Sánchez – 1985

10 best photos ever taken

Omayra Sánchez, a Colombian girl killed by the 1985 eruption of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano, Armero, Tolima. She was 13 then and was concreted for 3 continuous days. This picture becomes controversial as it was taken shortly before she died also showed Colombian government’s inaction in the picture. Although the girl became worldwide famous and later designated the World Press Photo of the Year, 1985.

1. Cheeky Einstein

greatest photos ever taken

Albert Einstein- The great scientist authored the concept of relativity and much more theories accredited synonymous with intelligence. In his ever best comical image, he showed that even brightest and smartest things can have their lighter side. This one is the coolest picture ever.

In 2009, this image was sold at an auction for $74,324, i.e. INR 5062680 and £48,500


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