Hillary Clinton Biography and Net Worth

About Her:  Hillary Rodham Clinton is a well-known American politician who represented the Democratic party as nominee for US presidential elections. She was also the First Lady of USA from 1993 to 2001 during the Presidency tenure of her husband Bill Clinton. Hillary has been in active American politics for many years in different roles such as United states senator, US secretary of State’s etc. She lost the 2016 US presidential election to Donald Trump, a republican candidate.

Career and Formative years:  Born on 26th October 1947 in Chicago, Hillary attended Wellesley College and later Yale Law school. She had an enriching career in the legal and political domain. She was a first woman partner at ‘Rose Law firm’, prior to which she served as first female chair of the’ legal services corporation’ in 1978. Hillary was an ex-congressional legal counsel before getting married to Bill Clinton.

Personal Life: Married to Bill Clinton in 1975, she became the US first lady during Bill Clinton’s presidency. Hillary remains in active politics since then before becoming the strong candidate for the 2016 presidential election against republican candidate Donald Trump. Hillary and Bill Clinton are the proud parents of daughter Chelsea Clinton.

Net worth: Hillary Clinton’s net worth is estimated to be around 31.3 million USD, as disclosed in her financial reports. Combined with husband’s Bill Clinton (around $ 80 million), the couple’s combined net worth is around $111 million.