Justin Bieber Biography, Net Worth & Top 10 Fashion Pics

Justin Bieber Short Biography:


Justin Bieber is the Canadian pop star who standing with stiff competition to the other pop stars and is also a notable Hollywood personality. Bieber was born in 1994 March in Canada and among all the youngest artists in the world who represented themselves in an international manner Bieber is one of them.

Childhood & Personal life:

From the early childhood, Bieber was always music savvy and as he grown up his interests get the pick of his concerns. Justin belongs from a rich family and there were never a problem to invest in his songs and albums. In the first time of starting his music career, Justin make a belief on the platform called YouTube and in the real time, Youtube gradually tapped his shoulder for achieving that much of popularity.


Justin is one of the finest music artists in the world now days, and including lots of his albums the first ever album released by Bieber is “My World Tour”. Afterward, when he becomes well known to the national and international platforms and started to hunt a lot of fans then he got numerous fan-voted awards. Including all such people choice awards Justin also has some reputed talent awards like “American Music Award”, and etc. He has also nominated for the Grammy award for 3 times and won one of them for the song called “Where Are You Now”.

Justin Bieber Net Worth:

Being a multimillionaire he has a net worth of $250 Million. This is not really easy to achieve that much success at an age of 22 but he made it. So, you may hate him for his personality, but you can’t ignore talent Justin Bieber carries.

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Photo Source: seventeen.com