Kim Jong un short biography and Net Worth

About Kim Jong un

A lot of people have heard the name of Kim Jong-un, the present Chairman of the Worker’s Party if Korea and also the ultimate leader of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea or North Korea. Before he came into power, he was hardly seen in public, therefore very little is known about him.

Career Of Kim Jong-un

On the death of his father, Kim was declared as the supreme leader on 28th December 2011. At the age of 32, Kim was the first leader of North Korea who was born after the country was found. At present he holds the office of Chairman of the worker’s party and also the State Affairs Commission.

Childhood and Personal Life

Born on 8th January 1984, in Pyongyang,  Kim Jong-un is the Youngest son of Kim Jong-il. It is said that he hold two degrees, one in Physics and another as an army officer. There have been controversies regarding the places from where he obtained his education.

As per the reports, Kim Jong-un married Ri Sol-Ju in the year 2009 and next year their Daughter was born.

Kim Jong-un Net worth – $ 5 Billion

Being the ruler of Northern Korea, Kim has a very high net worth. According to some reports, his net worth is estimated to be $5 billion.