Kim Kardashian Short Biography And Net Worth

About Kim Kardashian

There is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard the name of Kim Kardashian or Kimberly Kardashian West. She is the famous reality television personality of America as well as a socialite, businesswoman and model. Although this leading television personality has been involved in a number of legal disputes, she has successfully made her name in the world of entertainment and fashion and at the same time has millions of followers on social media.

Career Of Kim Kardashian

Initially, Kim became popular as the friend and the stylist of Paris Hilton. In 2007, she was seen in the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians along with her family. This show was so successful that later on several sin offs of this reality show were created. From 2008 to 2014 she has worked in three movies and appeared in television shows.

Childhood and Personal life

Born on 21st October 1980, in Los Angeles, California, Kim looks much younger than her actual age. Her sisters Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian appeared in some of the reality shows with her. Soon after her first reality show was aired on television, her personal life received immense attention from the media. She was married to Damon Thomas from 2000 to 2004 and later on Kris Humphries from 2011 to 2013. In the year 2014 she got married to Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian Net Worth – $ 48 Million

Being a successful businesswoman and a popular face on television, Kardashian has a high net worth. According to reports her net worth is about $48 million.