List Of Top 10 Best Dirt Bike Brands in The World

In this post, we are showcasing top 10 best dirt bike brands in the world. Bikes have become the eminent part for the livelihood of a human being and the reason is its affordability. Specifically, the young generations are more passionate about this. Youngsters having a bike feel satisfied and happy. Although most of the people purchase a bike to accomplish their daily routine but for few of them, it is the status symbol. Hopefully, the below mentioned will help people in purchasing bikes. Few important things one should always keep in mind while buying a bike like speed, torque, 2 strokes, power etc. Below we are going to discuss 10 top Brands of dirt bikes of the world.

1. Yamaha:

best dirt bike in the world

The highly appreciated brand of dirt bikes in the whole world because of its performance, Yamaha was first introduced in the year 1955 by the Japanese company. The bike itself represents the company’s name which also manufactures motors and motorised products.

2. Suzuki:

top ten dirt bike brands

As we all are aware that Japan is one of the most technologically advanced countries of the world and they have produced till date top few bike brands which are not comparable to any other. Suzuki is one of the top 10 most accepted Dirt Bike Brands worldwide.

3. KTM: Stylish Dirt Bike

fastest dirt bike brand

In the world of most stylish dirt bikes, KTM is the best one, the 2-wheeler production company is Australia based and commenced their business in 1992.

4. Bultaco:

most expensive dirt bike in the world

The company has been considered in the list of few old bike manufacturers and the owners are Tim Weaver and Barbara. These bikes are perfect and being installed with latest technologies. This is most famous dirt bike brand of the world.

5. Baja:

most famous dirt bike brand

A motorsports company is basically known to produce one of the world famous Best Dirt Bike Brands in the World. They are also engaged in the manufacturing of many more products like motorbikes, scooters etc. All the bikes are very powerful and having 4 stroke engines which are perfect for the beginners.

6. Maico:

most expensive dirt bike

The Motocross and Maico Endura are the best versions of bike introduced by Maico with the best rate of success in Europe and America. They improve their technology every year and launch or modify the products for the best riding experience. This is also in the list of few old companies of the world which started their business in 1926.

7. Husqvarna:

dirt bike in the world

Husqvarna group manufactured bike is the product for which the group is known for. They are also considered as the biggest manufacturer and supplier of automobile products. Their dirt bikes range from Endura TE 300, 250, 125 and FE 300 and 250 to heritage, super enduro, motocross, and husky etc.

8. Beta:

dirt bikes

This company has been a proven name in the list of world’s best dirt bike manufacturers. Their bike models are one of the top 10 most accepted Dirt Bike Brands worldwide. The company is functional since 1904 with few handmade models but later owing to the demand, they started making on a large scale.

9. Kawasaki:

top 10 best dirt bike brands

This brand is also one of the top 10 best dirt bike brands and company started their business in1966. Since then they proceed with vision by providing best products and service to the customer. Initially, they have limited to USA region with the brand Omega but now their branches are all over the world.

10. Honda:


A world famous Japanese company which does is best known for its Honda Dirt Bike only. Since 1959, they are providing best services to their customers. The Honda bikes are technically sound and a great merger of latest technology and innovation. Their retail shops scattered throughout the world. They are also listed in the top 10 most accepted Dirt Bike Brands worldwide.

Above all dirt, bike brands are some of the best which can be purchased without any doubt. These are the best bikes ever because of their making and long driven performance along with the affordability.

Which dirt bike do you like most? Please share your beautiful thought via comment section below. Your all suggestions are also most welcome.

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