List of Top 10 Best Selling Ice-Cream Brands in the World

Ice Cream is such a thing which is being loved by everyone. Even we sometimes find such persons who don’t love chocolates, but ice creams! This is a frozen desert, which is nothing but a proper combination of sugar, water, cream and several other specific ingredients.  Providing the viewers the best list of tastiest ice creams will not be that easy and casual, because there are a lot of people who having their own preferences. But what, if we make up this article comparing with the best reviews of the common people’s recommendations!

Today’s article will let you know about some genuine facts about the world ice creams; like bout their best brands & taste comparisons, and after going through it, you can choice, what to test and what to ditch!

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Magnum Ice Cream Brand:best-ice-cream-brand-in-the


Magnum is one of the most selling ice cream brands in the world. If you believe in the quality, then don’t look anywhere else than Magnum, because it produces one of the purest quality of ice creams, where each product has its unique taste. This brand is highly famous and now streaming in the best-selling ice cream brand list of Forbes 2016. Magnum is owning by the British & Dutch Unilever company and highly vibrant for its variants. Developed countries are using very much of it, and the taste quality also concerns the using of best ingredients in it.

Ben & Jerry’s Brand:

Maintaining a chronological order is not that easy for such kind of list, but Ben & Jerry’s can be placed in the second position after Magnum. This flabbergasting brand basically comes with the supreme level of flavors, even at an affordable price. Low-fat containing, quality of diversity and premium look of the products makes people very much attracted towards Ben & Jerry’s Brand.

Cold Stone Creamery Brand:

CSC was founded on 1998 in the United States, and very truly it is one of the oldest brands of ice creams. The premium quality of CSC offers the most delicious flavors containing more or less a 12-14 % of butter fat and stimulates your taste glands to have more of it. This international brand has won the people’s trust by serving the level best of products with the variety of taste and designing.

Baskin Robbins Brand:

The reason behind placing Baskin Robbins in the fourth only concerns its specific and international designing and the high rich flavor mixing. It’s must be stated, that Baskin Robbins has the world’s largest ice cream shopping chain and it’s highly popular for introducing more than 1000 types of flavors since the time of its establishment. Baskin Robbins has been founded in the year 1945 in the USA, and during this 71 year of successful business, it can beat any brand by its production collection.

Blue Bell Brand:

This multinational brand believes in exquisite tests and produces the most natural flavors which don’t concern any artificial taste. In the case of using ingredients, BB only uses the natural items rather than any chemical mixing. Taking an item of Blue Bell can find you a rich & dark stuff or a light, delicious and smooth taste, but that for sure, what you are going to get is very classy and hygiene oriented. Otherwise how, would it be streaming in the best ice cream brands list.

Nestle Brand:

This is the oldest brand in our list which not only stands for ice creams but also for many another kind of eating stuff. Nestle is one of the top selling ice cream brands in the world which was founded in the year 1866. This best ice cream brand comes with very casual tastes and flavors, which are basically very normal and not that rich in taste. But it still rules the world of ice cream by its huge production.

Amul Brand:

There is no any best list of ice cream brands, where you would not find the name of the brand Amul. Amul is a highly successful Indian company, which was founded in 1946 and now stands with the largest revenue in the economy. People who are eager to have the best dairy products they are recommended not to go anywhere rather than Amul Brand. Including a lot of variants, Amul gradually comes with the richest milk ice creams with a lovely taste.

Hershey Brand:

This 1894 company is highly known for its chocolate ice creams. Hershey is the best example of making a variety of flavors while considering a single mainstream ingredient. The level best mixing of chocolates with other types of exceptional ingredients makes the Hershey ice creams so much efficient to remain in the best list of ice cream brands.

Haagen-Dazs Brands:

I don’t know, how many of you have seen & tested Haagen-Dazs, but if you have gone through it, then it’s for sure, that you were stuck at a glance after getting their designing. Besides concerning the taste a major factor Haagen-Dazs also works hard on decorating the figure of an ice cream. Haagen-Dazs has been founded in 1961 and still remaining in the world’s best ice cream list only for the smooth and supreme quality productions.

Dairy Queen Brand:

Dairy Queen or DQ is a soft serve ice cream brand which got found in 1940 and besides the level best of ice creams; DQ also stands for a lot of fast food productions. This renowned brand has quite a bit of different flavors comparing with the others. A DQ product always stands for higher neutral values, with lesser fat and focuses more on using the natural ingredients.

The list which has been prepared by us is only based on the top ice cream brands in the world. All these brands are international and very much quality oriented with having a lot of attributes. This list doesn’t enforce any kind of judgment about any of the brands. All the aspects and statements are taken from the valid information and public reviews.