List of Top 10 USA Made Leather Work Aprons

While working in any workshop, kitchen, store, or for any work associated with rugged hard work, the damage to the clothing is normal. As the nature of work is such that. If a person is a chef, or at any other profile in hotel, food court, restaurant, etc., then the stains of different ingredients, food items spillage up-cycle not at all surprising. In the same way for mechanics, engineers, or professionals working in the workstations, damage to the clothing is very often. To avoid this undesired situation, one can simply need to have apron above the general clothing.

Aprons play as a protective layer and prevent the user for any undesirable acquisitions. For making the layer strong and sturdy, companies put great effort in selecting the fabric and stitching pattern too. The companies offering solid and effective work aprons are quite popular on a global platform. Here, top ten names from this industry are cited below.

1. Winter session standard work apron

It is a product from a Chicago-based Winter Session Standard Work. Made of raw denim and have pocket at upper chest. Apart from this, on the waist area, there are four pockets to hold numbers of stuff while working at your workstation. These are quite handy and very protective for rigorous job profile.

2. Hand-Eye Supply summer work apron

Hand-Eye Supply is a Portland, Oregon situated company. It is known for manufacturing light weight aprons, which is perfectly suitable for outstation jobs, where one has to work in hot conditions. Very relaxing and keep you away from suffocating.

3. Filson utility apron

It is a perfect apron for the job having much movement and rough hardship. The apron from Filson’s best feature is its buckled design. The buckles around the waist and legs are very efficient in holding the apron in a proper way. Also, it has zipped pockets, which are water resistant.

4. Best made co. heavy duck canvas apron

Best made co. is a renowned company in this industry. The apron fabric is Heavy Duck Canvas and very sturdy for use. These are best as high-quality outdoor gear. In addition to that, these are not heavy to use. So, our work does not get affected due to heavy apron load.

5. IRON & Resin shop apron

IRON & offers waxed canvas apron in deep brown color. The classic color makes the user look good. It is very nicely stitched and has a great finish.

6. TRVR Gentleman’s apron

If looking for a fancy apron, then nothing best suitable than the Gentleman’s apron. These are made of thick canvas with leather accents as pockets. These ones are very durable and great to use.

7. Hand-Eye Supply vanport outfitters’ American craftsman apron

American craftsman apron is a joint adventure of Hand-Eye Supply and Vanport Outfitters. The color of these ones are very appealing, Olive is the color. These are very long and cover the user all through with deep down pockets to carry numerous items.

8. STANLEY & SONS leather apron

Stanley & Sons started the stint in 2008. Amongst several products offered by them, the best one is Leather Lap Apron, manufactured from denim. These have attractive inclusions as hand dyed leather pocket and leather straps.

9. Rewilder prep apron

It is an upcycle product, manufactured from beer filter cloths and climbing ropes. Even after being lightweight, it is very durable. Each piece has its distinct color and characteristic.

10. KNIFE & Flag split leg apron

An apron designed for personal use at very first, but the design got quite popular and has been commercialized now and used by many people. It is very suitable for working in a place prone to stain marks. The color is black and has a split at the leg.


For being at eases and protected while working, apron use is a must. It keeps you safe from harmful chemicals, stains or any undesirable