List of World’s Top 10 Most Expensive Chocolates

Chocolate is an all-time favourite for all age group because of its great taste and fulfilling property. There is a wide range of variety available in the market with regards to taste and their prices. But if we talk about some expensive ones, there is not a big list although not very small. All over the globe, some chocolates are even more expensive than the precious metal or stones. This article will lead you to a small list of world’s top 10 most expensive chocolates.

1. Le Chocolate Box


The best one out of all available in the world and visible from inside and outside is this. This is being considered best for women as well as luxurious in appearance. Prepared with some special diamond collection, this chocolate costs $1.5 million.

2. Frrrozen Haute


The commonly served with dessert as hot chocolate. For the world’s tastiest ones, it has been listed in Guinness World Record. It is a combination of 28 best and delicious cocoas of the world. Served mainly in New York’s restaurants and costs approximately $25,000

3. Golden Speckled Egg


Being considered as the greatness symbol, this is the most loved one over the globe. For dessert lovers, it is the best choice and was sold for almost $11,107 at an auction. It tastes different because of various flavors filled inside. People can choose according to their taste.

4. Swarovski Studded Chocolates


In the taste, it is at 2nd place but by costing it stands at 4th position. This chocolate truly defines the lavishness, opulence, and luxury. Lebanese chocolatier, Patchi, is behind its decoration. For common people, this is not affordable and enlisted in few most expensive chocolates. A single box costs $10,000

5. Knipschildt Chocolatier


If you really have a sweet tooth and can go to any extent for satiating your taste buds, then you must try the Knipschildt Chocolatier Although it is expensive but for a fan of sweet things nothing will be better than this one. Prepared with some tastiest and luxurious material, the chocolate is divine. It will cost you around $2600.

6. Gold & Diamond Chocolates


To make someone feel special, this will be the best one. Proposing for the wedding or as a birthday gift, this will be perfect as the name only identify its specification. This contains 22K gold and silver and a single box is available at $1250.

7. Michel Cluizel Box of Assorted Treats


Since 1948 Michael Cluizel is in existence for making sweets and chocolates. The cost of a box is around $895 but interestingly a single box will be filled with 400 pieces of desserts with different shapes. It is one of the most delicious and expensive and best for gift purposes.

8. Noka Vintages Collection


Noka Vintages Collection is one of the most delicious and finest dark chocolates known all over the world. The manufacturers specialize in making gourmet chocolate gifts. It is most appreciated in the same fashion to wine tasting. It costs about $854.

9. Delafee


The luxurious Swiss chocolates are prepared with fine cocoa beans and edible 24-karat gold. The gold packaging is quite attractive. A box of 8 finest chocolates costs $508.

10. Godiva “G” Collection


The G collection is the latest addition to Godiva’s fantastic range. The chocolate comes in several exotic flavours and costs $120.

Conclusion- So, now you have a small list of chocolates which are one of the most expensive ones. But here affordability factor matters a lot. All of them is out of reach for the common man but if you really want to make someone happy or make them feel special, just go with any one of them and see the magic on your beloved one’s face.