7 Best Quality Battery Operated Fans to get Rid of Heat

While thinking about buying suitable home appliances the need of a lightweight and portable battery fan always hits our mind. The reason behind our eagerness is it’s very useful and takes very fewer efforts to use. It runs with a battery, so it’s free of high time electric bills, its light weight and small in size, so we use to carry it anywhere anytime and can enjoy its breeze. It’s a useful product and pretty demanded in the market. Regarding this, there are also hundreds of brands streaming for selling their battery operated fans. But being a consumer our focus must be in the best product even considering the suitable budget. In 2017 the competition is also high, but the willing buyers must have a look at the best options before paying for one.

1.Sky Genius Battery Fan:

Sky Genius Battery Fan

SkyGenius battery fan comes with a clip in its bottom, and it especially targets computer users to use. One can also run it by a USB cable which is pretty interesting. A full charge in SkyGenius Battery Fan can provide you a time span of 6 hours long. This is a compact product, and easy to use. The blades are highly compatible that delivers the best blow of wind all the time.

2.OPOLAR F901:


OPLAR is a popular brand which successfully streaming in the market since years. In providing computer accessories, and kitchen & home products it’s created a new edge. F901 is a rechargeable as well as a desktop fan. The construction quality of OPOLAR F901 is highly strong and attractive. Providing a long lasting battery life, and well-equipped product, they always take care of the variety of it.

3.DLX Necklace Fan DSP:

DLX Necklace Fan DSP

DLX basically produces toys, and few other gaming stuffs, but after launching few of their portable home appliances, they also gained the consumers believe in providing such products. The DLX Necklace is highly appreciated for traveling purposes. Its supreme desktop battery, simple using, attractive construction, and quality functions give you ultimate satisfaction of using a battery fan.

4.O2Cool 10-Inch Portable Fan:

Another option from O2Cool but its size is 10 inch. This option of O2Cool comes with 4 blades with decent blade guard and talking about the design it can easily be placed in a school bag. This fan needs 6 D-cell batteries, which will go all the day without any hesitation. Remind, batteries are not included with the kit, you have to buy it separately. O2Cool 10-Inch better fan also works with AC adaptors, and its intelligent air control never makes the consumer disappointed.

5.Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator:

This American multinational brand providing quality products in the electronic market since years! Products from Honey always brings high quality and serves the utmost range of relevance. Honeywell HT-900 is also a decent creation under battery fans. It comes with suitable blade meshes and with a very exceptional construction which helps to blow maximum air. The battery lifespan is also good and Honey brand also took care of the budget. It can be a good suit for buying best battery fan.

6.Coleman Free Standing Tent Fan:

Coleman Freestanding is a very lightweight but strong product. This brand also comes in the best selling battery fans. You can see it has no any guard for its blades, but in case it’s useful because it helps it to blow more air. The monitor is also made with smart technology the functions are user-friendly. It needs D-Cell batteries to power up the device, which consumers need to buy separately. Overall a sturdy construction, comfortable designing, and a long life of 21 hours of its new set battery make Coleman Freestanding a reliable product to be with.

7.O2Cool 5-Inch Portable Fan:

O2Cool is a brand name in case of top quality battery fans. Their developed design and technology in such cooling and lightening products just given the market a new success in the edge of buying portable products. Making products in a reasonable budget, they provide attractive colors, designs, and long-lasting battery fans. Using O2Cool 5-Inch Portable Fan is easy, and it’s comfortable for your instant using.

Above options are the hits of 2017. Considering one of them can make you satisfied in terms of using a portable battery fan. People who travel much, or needs portable fans for different reasons, these options are the hottest one which comes at a reasonable price.