Raveena Tandon – Husband Name, Daughters, New Movie, Net Worth, Biography & Beautiful Pics

Let’s talk about most beautiful Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon biography, husband name and much more….

The lady named Raveena Tandon is one of the most successful Indian movie actress and a former expert model. She is one of the mainstream lead actresses of the Bollywood and also appeared in the Kannada, Telugu and Tamil movies.

# Childhood & Personal life:

Tandon is born in Mumbai and she started to appear in the national movies since 1991. She got married to the popular businessman “Anil Thadani” in the year 2004. It has been reported that the so kind lady Raveena has adopted two girls of 11 and 8 years old as a single mother in the year 1995. In the case of controversies and rumors, Tandon has also been on the frontlines.  In her 14 to 15 years of film career, she also has been caught by several controversies and rumors.

# Career:

Her so called first or debut movie is “Patthar ke Phool” where she acted opposite of the Bollywood superstar “Salman Khan”, and after delivering a silent hit to the audiences Raveena got approached by lots of producers and directors and represented herself as a superstar personality. Besides being a successful actress Tandon is also a Producer and TV host.

# Net Worth – 6.45 Million

In her mainstream Bollywood career, Tandon has worked with a lot of Bollywood superstars, in lots box office super hit of films and become the lovable personality of the industry as well as in the heartfelt actress of India and according to the media reports, this lady is a millionaire, who has a net worth of 6.45 Million.

# Husband Name of Raveena Tandon

  • Anil Thadani

# Raveena Tandon Daughters

  • Chhaya Tandan – Daughter
  • Pooja Tandon – Daughter
  • Rasha Thadani – Daughter

# New Movie in 2017

Hanuman Da’ Damdaar is a 2017 jungle adventure animated film, directed by Ruchi Narain, presented by RNB Films in association with R.A.T Films. It is a story of a boy, Hanuman set in ‘mythological’ times.
  • Initial release: 19 May 2017
  • Director of this movie: Ruchi Narain
  • Music director of this upcoming movie: Sneha Khanwalkar

# Bollywood  actresses beautiful pics

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