Tennis Player Serena Williams Net Worthand Biography

About Tennis Player Serena Williams Biography

The internationally popular lady called Serena Williams is a very prominent professional tennis player from the United States. Serena is ranked as world’s no 1 women tennis player who has been ranked by the Women’s Tennis Association for playing excellent in the singles on six separate occasions.

Career Of Serena Williams

Serena is a very famous and successful name in the women’s tennis history and she always has been regarded as one of the most efficient tennis players in the world. Serena is still successfully streaming with her professional tennis platform and in her 23 years of tennis career she has achieved a lot. She played her first professional debut at the age of 14 in the year 1995. It was at Bell Challenge and after winning the two games she lost in the first round with Annie Miller. But after her hard work and willingness, Serena become one of the top professional tennis players in the ear 1999 to 2001 & her top most professional career get started.

Childhood & Personal Life

Serena is a player from unites states and she was born in 1981 September in Michigan. The full name of Williams is “Serena Jameka Williams” and she has won a lot of reputed awards and medals in her career. Serena has four sisters and she is the youngest one.

Serena has been thought well by her coaches in her early life by which she becomes well enough to beat all the other players. Serena stated that the journey of becoming one of the most efficient women tennis players was not that easy for her but she made it by her hard practices.

Tennis Player Serena Williams Net Worth

Tennis Player Serena Williams stands with a net worth of $145 Million according to the celebrity reports.

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