Top 10 Best Timeless Romantic Novels You Should Read

Today we have collected top 10 best romantic novels for your entertainment. So what are you waiting for, enjoy this collection.

Romance and Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world that takes your heart to the land of rainbows and sings lullaby to your ears. With love penned down in books, they become timeless classics that we can’t help but read again and again. Be it the first love or sacrifice in love or the cliché happy ending, love is eternal. If you are looking for a beautiful love story in books here are 10 books you must read immediately.

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1. Wuthering Heights

The classic was written by Emily Bronte and is one of the timeless classic with lot of drama and emotions involved. The love story is about losing someone you love and how that turns the male protagonist Heathcliff not into the person he is. Bonnie Tyler’s power ballad in 1983 “Total Eclipse of the Heart” was inspired by the book.

2. Casablanca

The story was originally a play and later written as novel by Humprey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. The classic is set in the backyard of World War II with Rick Blaine as the protagonist and set in the Moroccan City of Casablanca. It is about ex-flames and return of ex-lover Ilsa Lund to Rick’s Life that rocks the story. It is now a major motion picture.

3. The French Lieutenant’s Woman

The book was written by John Fowles which is a love triangle where Victorian men is engaged to a wealthy woman but another woman steals the show as the French Lieutenant’s’ lover.

4. Anna Kareina

The book was written by one of the famous writer’s Leo Tolstoy and is one of the best love novels so far. Set in Russia, Anna Kareina is a married woman who falls in love with Count Vronsky but her ordeal starts with her husband’s denial for divorce and no acceptance.

5. Romeo & Juliet

The famous love story with sad ending was written by William Shakespeare and still counted as one of the best romantic novels. The tragic love story is all about losing true love and due to their family disapproval, it leads finally to demise of both.

6. A Midnight’s Dream

Another timeless classic written by William Shakespeare is a romantic comedy set in beautiful city of Athens. The novel is like a fairy tale in Shakespeare’s language where Hermia after refusing to marry her fiancé goes into the woods to find her true love Lysander and meet nuisance creating fairies.

7. P.S I love You

It is a beautiful but sad romantic story written by ace writer Nicholas Spark. The story starts with death of male protagonist and how he guides his wife through the letters he left for her to read after his death.

8. Doctor Zhivago

It is written by Boris Pasternak who also won a Nobel Prize for the beautiful novel and is ageless classic of love triangle. Yuri Zhivago is torn between two women – his wife and another woman he falls in love with.

9. Notebook

It is now a major motion picture but the book was written by Nicholas Spark and has created beautiful emotions. It is about two lovers who fall in love in their teens by separated by the girl’s family due to status difference. They meet after years to ignite their love again and have a happy ending.

10. Pride and Prejudice

The book was written by Jane Austen and is a stereotype classic of snob falling in love with girl next door. Charles Bingley is new to town and is checked by all single ladies due to its drool worthy looks and fortune but he is a snob. Elizabeth Bennet takes on his ego and rest is history.

If you are looking for a romantic novel to help you sleep and also imbibe the strong emotions of love, here is the collection of 10 ageless love stories that sure is to steal your heart.