Top 10 Achievements of Narendra Modi Government – Indian Prime Minister

achievements of narendra modi government

2 Year, 1 month and 20 days have passed since the 15th Prime Minister of India took his oath for the leadership of the country. Narendra Bhai Modi agreed to serve the country with full dedication, patriotism, and responsibility on 24th May 2014. But, he was a national hero since the promotion time for the election. His face and voice has already raised a spirit inside entire India and thus he confirmed the win of alliance party in 2014 Lok Sabha election. He is a leader and leading the nation from the front. The manifesto raised by BJP at the time of the election was considered impractical and impossible but in the two years of span Mr. Modi has brought numbers of changes which are not superficial rather than they are futuristic and –well-planned. This is the amazing achievements of Modi Government that India is becoming spearhead over its Asian competitors including China and also Mr. Modi has made remarkable presence global business arena by signing several MoU with countries like America, Russia, and others. Here are top ten achievements of Modi’s government.

NDA government’s major activities done by Modi are listed here in a proper chronological order:

1. Our initial governing months were full of challenges and we started with schools where poor boys and girls used to come in regard to making their educational career. Don’t you think these poor children too have right to get proper hygiene in their washrooms and this is what made us active? We started providing toilets for them.

2. Bank accounts are one of most vital requirements in India and we put focus on these important needs of Indian citizens. We know urban people have, but sufficient amenities to open their bank accounts, but we wanted to have a scheme where would be no difference between urban and rural people. This is why our Jan Dhan Yojana has been so successful with 14 crore bank accounts.

3. LPG subsidy was a huge issue to the pro-poor people repeating that the service has not reached them yet in a proper manner, but in Narendra Modi’s first year as prime minister, we did it brilliantly with the addition of technology into the system to avail the service for everyone.

4. Our next achievement was the opening of Mudra bank for supporting financial assistance to 6 crore small vendors and businesses. Out of the total, 61% are SCs, STs, and OBCs.

5. We also put focus on agriculture and know very well the input of water for the irrigation. Thus, we launched Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana for the betterment of agriculture.

6. Our next target is to get a roof for each and every family by 2022. No one should live roofless in India. This could be one of the greatest achievements of narendra modi government till today.

7. Farmers are the strength of India and their farm productivity and expenses are also important to us. This is why we have launched Soil Health Card scheme to assist them.

8. We have approached out with a complete social security plan for the marginalized and poor, old and those people who have low-income.

9. Swachh Bharat Mission is our one of the leading agendas and thus holds a record of bjp government achievements 2016 in order to raise national health and hygiene standards.

10. The Indian Railways has been transformed with the inclusion of “Bullet Trains” and other and thus becoming powerful in India’s biggest transportation service.

We are happy to have Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India.