Top 10 Beautiful Female Celebrities with the Sexiest Lips

People are always fond of better looks in women, and a natural finishing with the curvy outlooks makes the women’s body best. Besides all the attractive parts of the human’s body, lips are also very vital to show off. And if this comes to deal with the women’s beauty, then the matters become hotter and critical.

Like always, we have again updated our site with a new list of top 10. Today’s article deal with the top 10 beautiful female Celebrities with the sexiest lips. Hope you like our collection and don’t forget to share your thoughts via comment section below.

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01. Liv Tyler:


The 39 years old “Stealing Beauty” actress always stole the hearts of young guys be showing her killer attitude in the celluloid. After mentioning all the beautiful lip feminine personas, we must not skip the boldness of Liv. A best-suited lip with the killer eyes and a long height figure always reminds us the name of Liv. And that bold must be included in the 10th position of our selection.

02. Jennifer Garner:


A sexy lip with a quite longer face always attracts men who love ladies. Among all the beautiful female celebrity lips the “Alias” lead actress Jennifer, has ranked the 8th position in our list. This is not a rumor that Jennifer Garner has gone through the knife for having sexiest lips. But we don’t think she did something wrong.

03. Priyanka Chopra:


The “Exotic” lady and “Quantico” lead actress Priyanka Chopra has a bit different hot lips than the others. Many people say that thick lips are not attractive, but after watching PC onscreen, a lot of people have changed their opinion.  

04. Katrina Kaif:


A starting with “Boom” was not that much successful what it had been thought. But after that, this British lady started to make her successful baby steps in the Hindi film industry. And today, she is one of the highest paid actresses in Bollywood. Besides her creativity of acting, we must not ignore her adorable face with the creamiest lips. Her height, waist, facial and lips always attract if anyone has the efficiency to judge the quality.

05. Megan Fox:


Megan Fox, the sexy, charming beauty always tried to give her best performance in the colloid. After her success in the TV show industries, she came to Hollywood and represented her as one of the most successful actresses in the world. And after watching her hot body and properly set pout no one had ignored to be a fan of Fox.

06. Christina Hendricks:


This 41 years old “Mad Men” lady has given a lot of outstanding performances, and also set the celluloid with fire by delivering several onscreen hottest scenes. Her figure, height, face and fairy screen all are endorsable as it needs to be a lady. And talking about her lips! Those will know better who have kissed her.

07. Kareena Kapoor:


Bebo of Bollywood, or Kareena Kapoor Khan, whatever you can name that lady. Her very natural looking lip, which doesn’t need liners to be in the focus, makes every man crazy to have it. This millionaire actress of Hindi movie must be added in the fifth position of our list.

08. Robyn Rihana:


If you are R&B lover, then this persona doesn’t need to be explained by me. This Barbarian songwriter & singer are already in the top frame of singing and also creating the hottest videos for her followers.  While you notice at the lips, cutting of Rihana, it somewhere makes you very uncomfortable to see without touching her lips. And this lady is making the list being in the fourth number.

09. Amanda Seyfried:


Amanda the “Mean Girl” actress absolutely looks like a Barbie doll. Her hypnotizing eyes, well-maintained figure and juicy lips kill exactly a lot of hearts. This girl must stream in the second position of the beautiful celebrity lips list.

10. Scarlett Johansson:


Scarlet, or the super girl “Black Widow”, is in the top position of our list. Including lots of features, she also attracts her fans by her crimson pout. Scarlet who started her career with the American movie “North” in 1994, is one of the highest paid actresses of Hollywood now and she’s also not ignorable when it’s coming to deal with the beauty in her.


Individual’s choices may be different, but our only motto is to inform you about the best alive. We prepared the list after a critical analyzing on all the lovely diva’s lips. And the above names come to our mind for a good set up. We are not hurting anyone’s feelings or imagination. These are only for entertainment purpose.