Top 10 Best Body Massager Machine Buy Online With Price in India 2017

Today’s fast world that we live in, brings us a lot of stress. However, to move ahead in this competitive world, we need to always remain fresh and fit as a fiddle at all times. So, how do we manage our physical stress and get some quick relief from pain?

Body Massagers are a great way to relieve physical pain and de-stress to a large extent. We Indians are spoilt for choice and cannot seem to be able to decide which one is best suitable one. Everyone looks for a promise on the quality of the product, durability of the product, performance, maintenance as well as the value for money the massager offers.

Here we present a list of the top 10 Body massagers based on their sales volumes and consumer feedback.

10. Dual Dolphin Massager With Attachments

The Dolphin massager uses the Reflexology therapy to stimulate nerve ends and improves blood circulation.

Price: Rs.625/-


9. Female Personal Mini Handy Massager Vibrator Vibrating Head Neck Full Body -46

This face massager is totally lightweight, hardly 5 inches and extremely handy to carry.

Price: Rs.350/-


8. Ozomax Body Relax 12 in 1 Massager (Beige)

This Body massager gives you complete relaxation with its 12 different attachments

Price: Rs.481/-


7. MCP Hamza Massager -A Powerful Floating Action Body Massager

The Hamza Massager can be used to massage your face, scalp and neck as well.

Price: Rs.1275/-


6. MCP Manipol Powerful Body Massager Reduces weight and fat

The Manipol Body Massager is a easy to use health and fitness equipment. It comes with a Power speed regulator and has a Warranty against any manufacturing defects. Regular usage of the product helps in weight reduction.

Price: Rs.560/-


5. MAXTOP Magic Massager A Complete Body Massager

The Maxtop Body Massager, has an Anti Slip grip, with a vibrator function and is light in weight.

Price: Rs.1499/-


4. JSB HF56 Pain Relief Magnetic Pocket Massager

This compact product is very handy to carry and gives relief from pain through its Vibratory massager. Regular usage of the massager improves Blood Circulation and produces best results. It comes with a 1XAA Battery.

Price: Rs.899/-


3. Dolphy 3D Y Shape Aluminium Big Roller Microcurrent Face Massager Skin Lifting

This Face massager promotes blood circulation across your face and stimulates production of collagen on the face that supports Muscle relaxation. It also breaks down stubborn fat in areas such as face, upper arm, neck, bust and even your waist.

Price: Rs.248/-.


2. 5 in 1 Beauty Care Brush Massager Scrubber Face Skin Care Electric Facial Cleanser

The 5 in 1 Beauty Care Massager is a great way to keep your face exfoliated from dead skin cells. It has a soft brush and is quite safe to use on the face. Within minutes of usage your skin looks quite healthy and younger. The product can also be used to remove hard cells under the elbow.

Price: Rs.225/-


1. Ozomax Professional 17 in 1 Body Massager (White)

The Ozomax Professional comes with about 17 attachments to help you sooth body pain in different parts of your body. The dual speed mechanism helps in giving fast as well as slow massage. It relieves you immediately of pain, tiredness in the body and fatigue.

Price: Rs.450-500/-