Top 10 Best Can Openers To Enjoy Your Favourite Drink

Women spent most of their time in the kitchen and for them all the accessories are made in such a way that they can be easily used without any difficulty. Everyone wants right tools from chopping to opening or cutting. Can openers is one of the kitchen accessories which is in demand currently. So here is the top best tin openers list which has smooth and safe edges.

1. Good Grips locking can opener by OXO

OXO good grip can opener has a blade which can easily cut the lid. It has a soft rubber coating which makes it comfortable and easy to use. The smooth cutting wheels are made up of stainless steel which makes it durable.

2. Zyliss Lock N lift Can Opener

The manual can opener has very smooth edge and soft handling grip which makes the mechanism of cutting a safe process. The blade of this can opener is made up of stainless steel thus protects the blades from getting rust.

3. Good Cook Classic Can Opener

The body of this opener is made from plastic and follows the patented design. It’s cutting wheel has sharp edges and is available at affordable price and is easy to use.

4. Manual Can Opener by Resource for cooking

The manual Can opener is a great piece which should be available in every kitchen. Its cutting edge is sharp thus heavy enough to handle the cans before they can be replaced. The hand handle is made up of plastic thus offering mobility and prevents from the further accident.

5. Swing A way 6090 Can Opener

This easy crank can opener is made up of stainless steel and rubber and comes with a sharp cutting disk which makes it easy to carry and use. Like most of the opener, it can also be cleaned easily and offers durability for a long time.

6. Holm Kitchen Collection Can Opener

It is one of the most widely used can openers in the market. It is made up of high-quality plastic and silicon which offers durability. Its side cutting blades can make the cut in oval, round shape. The razor shape cutting through sphere disc is smooth and safe to use.

7. Swing A way 407BK Can Opener

This portable can opener is made up of metal and comes with a bottle opener feature. The handle of this opener is coated with rubber which helps in the absorption of pressure which is applied to open the lid.

8. Deluxe Can Opener

EZ- DUZ- IT 3028 can opener is made up of heavy gauge steel which offers durability and high performance. The deluxe handle is coated with rubber thus providing the ability to absorb the pressure. It’s cutting blade is made up of carbon steel thus offers smooth operation.

9. Hamilton Beach 76606Z Can Opener

This smooth can opener is attractive in design and is ideal to be used at home, office etc. Hamilton Beach is an electronic opener thus is available for all sizes of can pops.

10. L esprit Stainless Steel Can opener


The manual can opener is made up of high-quality stainless steel which offers durability and can open all sorts of cans. Its non-slip grip material and smooth edges make it easy to handle and safe to use.