Top 10 Best Electric Kitchen Chimneys Brands and Models in india

Electric Chimneys have now become an essential part of our kitchen, which filters out all the smells, heats, and fumes of cooking. This electric chimneys helps the smell and fumes to remain in the kitchen and not spread it outside. In today’s congested living, these are necessary. These are the top 10 best electric chimney brands available in India.

10. Faber HeatKraft

Faber HeatKraft

The Switzerland-based company Faber, established in 1955, has their stainless steel electric chimney, with great features which include: 62 dBA noises, cassette filter made of aluminum and with a good capacity for air suction. There are different variations available for this brand, with each variant being unique with its in-built features.

9. Glen


The best features of this brand are PDCA housing, timer control, baffle filters, LED lamps, and tailan motors. Glen comes with different designs such as Designer Chimneys and also Straight Line Chimneys. The stylish looking chimney is one of the most preferred ones because of their beautiful designs and lesser power consumption.



This PDCA controlled chimney is best for the removal of grease, smoke, and steam and free your kitchen from any all kind of smell of cooking. This electric chimney is one of the best chimneys available in the market, giving your kitchen with what you need.

7. IFB


This powerful motor based chimney with a 5-year warranty comes with features which include clean air, auto start function with start hours and removes the smell and heat using the booster speed function. The body is built of stainless steel and aluminum.

6. Prestige


This chimney comes with the high suction of air and a body made of high-quality material. The hood has twin motors and filters made of aluminum. It also has two lamps, carbon filters for recycling purpose. Prestige offers two years of warranty for this electric chimney.

5. Bajaj


Bajaj offers one of the best electric chimneys with baffle filters, charcoal columns, rapid filtration, and aluminum grease filters. It also keeps your kitchen filled with fresh air and ventilation. The chimneys are also quite affordable and of high quality.

4. Pigeon

Pigeon chimney

This leading electric chimney manufacturer provides customers with a noise free and powerful filters. The different varieties offered by Pigeon are Splendor, Serene, Sterling, Atlantis, and Cornet. The best features of this chimney are the piano switch, lamps of LED, baffle filters, and different speeds.

3. Sunflame Chimney

Sunflame Chimney

It is one of the best electric chimneys available in India. They offer two different types of electric chimneys, Straight line, and Designer chimney. Sunflame attracts customers with their pricing, quality, services and advanced technologies. The chimney comes with baffle filters and auto-cleaning mechanism.

2. Hindware


The attractive features of Hindware include noise-free, push buttons, energy saving lamps, stainless steel body, high-quality filters and also auto cleaning facilities. The different series available are Designer Hoods, Straight line Hoods, Island Hoods, Auto Clean Hoods, and Decorative Hoods.

1. Usha


Usha like most of its competitors uses high suction hoods to filter the air and smell. The body made of stainless steel and speed control system with three different speeds makes this electric chimney one of the leading ones in the market.

These electric chimneys are available in various styles, designs, and costs. Companies are marketing their products with newly added features and choices for their customers. The customers can select from wide varieties available, according to their suitability and space in the kitchen.