Top 10 Best Food and Plaque Removal Dental Floss Reviews in 2017

Tooth floss or dental floss is a cord made up of thin filaments and is used to remove the plaque and food in between the teeth where a brush can’t reach. Thus it has become the necessity of everyone in today’s century. It is also recommended by many Doctors to do the flossing along with brushing to keep the oral healthy. So try one out these best 10 dental flosses to keep your teeth healthy and shining.

1. Aqua Floss Water and oral irrigator Floss


This floss remover has comfort design as one has to only fill the remover with water and point the tip toward the teeth. It uses air infusion technology and can easily and quickly cleans the plaque around braces, bridges, crowns etc. this is a more powerful tool than traditional floss.

2. Oral-B Complete Satin Floss


This floss contains a satin like texture which flosses your teeth and gum line easily and comfortably with one hand. The main attractive feature of this floss it that it releases a mint flavor into your mouth, which makes breath smell good and keep your gums and teeth healthy and germs free.

3. Johnson and Johnson Reach Floss


This waxed floss allows you to remove 2x more plaque than other floss and releases a sweet cinnamon flavor in your mouth thus prevents you from harmful gum and teeth problems.

4. Listerine Gentle Gum Care Floss


This woven floss is considered best among others floss in the market as it made up of durable and soft material that easily cleans hard areas without harming any gums and has a natural mint flavor which makes mouth refreshing and healthy.

5. Desert Essence Dental Floss


This floss is perfect for tea lovers as it is naturally saturated and waxed with tea tree oil and works best when used with desert essence toothpaste, breath freshener and lots more. It comes in a pack of 6 and at an affordable price.

6. DenTek Fun Flossers


These kids fun Flossers pick consists of fruit flavor and have multifilaments for sensitive gums. DenTek fun Flossers are top among children as they are designed with care and are easy to use and handle.

7. Farlin Floss Pick


This disposable floss pick is easy to use and soft. It helps in maintaining dental cleanliness and is designed in such a way that it can be carried everywhere and is light weighted.

8. Dr. Tung’s Dental Floss


This smart dental floss is designed by a material which is biodegradable and has the ability to expand. It’s naturally flavored with cardamom gives a refreshing and cool breath and also cleans more plague as compared to others.

9. Colgate Total Dental Floss


This dental floss is preferred by most of the people as it contains chlorhexidine which controls the formation of a new plague. It is also considered as standard dental floss.

10. Gum Eez- Thru Dental Flossers


This mint flavored Flossers are disposable, smooth, strong and shred resistant. Its angled head and thumb pad are easily adjustable and allows cleaning back teeth easily.

It becomes very irritating and frustrating when the food gets stuck in between the teeth. To lower the problems of cavities, plaque, tooth decay and gum diseases, flossing is the best solution. With these high-quality products flossing can be best performed. So get the best flavored dental floss and say goodbye to bad breath and dental problems.