Top 10 Best Greatest Love Stories of All Time

Everyone loves reading stories that inspire them, teach them something new or take them to a whole new world. When it comes to love stories, the feel that you get is something special. Most of the romantic stories involve a very convincing plot. In most of the bestselling books, the story mainly involves conflicts, romance and tragedies. Characters play the most important part in all the love stories and they leave us emotionally through their love, sacrifice and war. Let’s take a look at the 10 greatest love stories of all time.

1. Wuthering Heights

Wuthering heights storybook tells us a timeless love story that takes place in the Wuthering Heights estate. The turning point in the lives of Heathcliff and Catherine is the main plot of this story. This heart-touching classic is a must read if you like a typical love story.

2. Anna Karenina

This story takes us to Russia, where Anna visits her brother in Moscow. The life of Anna Karenina and her love story is wonderfully described in this classic tale.

3. Romeo and Juliet

This is probably the most popular love story in this world. The love story of Romeo and Juliet is wonderfully crafted by William Shakespeare in this evergreen tale. We get to know about true love and tragedies that occur in the lives of the two main characters.

4. Casablanca

This story takes us to the period where World War II was in existence. Casablanca tells the incidents that occur in the life of Rick Blaine. The loss of love and meeting with his ex-lover after a very long gap is the main plot in this tale.

5. Midsummer Night’s Dream

This is a romantic comedy that is set in Athens. Hermia is in love with Lysander and so she refuses to marry her fiancé as per her father’s wish. One day, she runs away from her father and wanders into the woods. This is when the story takes a very surprising turn and the rest of the plot will be filled with surprises.

6. Doctor Zhivago

This is a Russian novel which tells the tale of a man who has two love interests. Yuri Zhivago, a doctor, is married to Tonya but he falls in love with Nurse Lara. This love triangle and the twists and turns from the rest of the plot.

7. Sense and Sensibility

The life of Dashwood sisters is the main plot of this tale. The loss of their father leads them to poverty. They decide to move out of town and stay with a distant relative. The sisters’ fall in love after this and the incidents that follow forms the rest of the story.

8. Dangerous Liaisons

This is a dark tale filled with love, lust, greed and deception. Get to know the dark side of romance by reading this classic 18th century novel.

9. Pride and Prejudice

Charles Bingley is the main character in this tale. Darcy and Elizabeth are the other characters who battle it out to win the love of Charles.

10. Hugo’s Hunchback of Notre Dame

True love is depicted well in this tale by Victor Hugo. This tells the story of a man with a hunched back, and  he falls in love with a gypsy dancer. ‘Love comes from within!’ Read this story to find out how.

No matter what the plot is, people enjoy reading these kinds of love stories which are filled with fun, romance, adventure and tragedy.