Top 10 Best Milk Brands To Drink in the World

Best Milk Brands To Drink: Milk or milk based products are useful for its consumers in numerous ways. A simple content of milk is enough to provide us complete nutrition and keeps our health proliferating. Everybody needs a sufficient amount of milk and milk products on a daily basis for their physical growth whether babies or adults. Apart from extreme nutritional values, it also contains a jaw-dropping taste. With the increasing demands of such products all over the world, various companies are commercializing the requirements and companies are looking a great business scope in the segment.  But, the business is not just money generating a machine; they equally provide the essential food stuff of daily diets and not just in one part of the world rather in each part of the globe.

Here are top 10 best milk brands in the world-

1. Borden Milk Products – Most popular milk brand in Unite State of America


It is one of the best milk brands around the world. Borden Milk Products are one of the renowned milk brands of whole United State of America and also in the entire world as well. The American company has been owned by the Dallas and much of the reason goes to the association of leading star Selena Gomez with the company. Selena was the brand ambassador and has appeared in the various advertisements of the products. No doubt, the company has solid marketing attitude and strategy, but also its products are extremely efficacious. The prime reason behind the success of Borden Milk Products is that they have never compromised on the quality of any of the products. They solely believe customer service.

 2. Organic Valley


This top milk brand got 2nd position in our list. Organic Valley, the United States Company is located in La Farge Wisconsin and their experience display the strength of the company. Their consistent performance is really appreciating and encouraging. Originally, they are a cooperative unit of organic farmers. The brand was started in 1988. The success of the company can be optimized with its annual turnover touching a whooping one billion dollar and well ahead of its contemporaries. The company’s market is not restricted to the United States only but also captures Asian parts including Japan and China, etc.

3. Dean Foods


Dean Foods is no less than its contemporaries and a one of the best milk brands in the America as well. Its dairy products have become the integral parts of the kitchens in the United States. The company has many high-end production plants and set-up for manufacturing in whole American countries. The ranges of milk products are equally popular in the United Kingdom as well. Apart from the US, the company’s manufacturing plants are also located in other nations like Belgium and Holland as well.

4. Safeway Inc. Safeway-Inc.-Milk

Safeway Inc, another big name for the most popular milk in the world. They are second leading supermarket network in the northern United States. Greatly, the company has approx one thousand three hundred thirty-five centers in the central United States.  The corporate center of the brand is located in Pleasanton, California. Some of the extension of the company is steering to Eastern Seaboard. The company is already having hundred ninety-five centers in Mexico that’s why we have decided to list this best milk brand at 4 position in our collection.

 5. Shamrock Farms


They are one of the most top milk brands dairy centers and one can say that quite have antique touch, which makes them different than the rest of others. It has been established in 1922 and since then they are providing the best quality of dairy products. One of the most popular aspects of their features is having a mascot cow, Roxie. One can find the major and most sought after products from their dairy center.

 6. Nestle


If we talk about the most loved and reliable brand of dairy, then Nestle surely holds a prime position. Its revenue is now has reached $ 91.6 billion as per the 2014 analysis. It has been regarded as one of the biggest names in the dairy circle all across the globe. The major focus of Nestle is to offer not only healthy but also affordable nutrition based products and that too especially in developing countries. This is the reason Nestle has invested a large sum of money, about USD 100 million. This would be used for building a large dairy plant in Chile. The operation is conducted with the association of Fonterra.

7. Wegmans – Most popular milk brand in New York


Wegmans is one of the major dairy producers and are most popular in New York. Their headquarter is based in Gates, New York. The interesting part is it has hundreds of branches operating in New York itself. Being a very old dairy production company, it also owns the reliability of the customers and has a proud association with its regular customers base, associated with generations within the family. It has been established in 1916. Apart from its popularity in the USA, it is also very much favored in other European countries.

 8. Stonyfield Farm




This best milk brand is located in New Hampshire, a city in the USA. This brand drives the customers in its own way. They offer organic products and that too at affordable rates. The production nature of this company has evolved a distinct customer base for them. Their popularity could be understood by the fact that if anyone wants to have some organic dairy product, one of the favorites name picked by them is Stoneyfield Farm.

 9. Darigold – American Milk Brand


It is an American manufacturing company involved in the production of wide range of dairy products including purchasing milk pouch in the world. They have a huge customer line up associated with them. Their popularity could be well perceived by the fact of making two billion dollar sales in one year. According to the sources, they make two billion dollar sales in a year that clearly tells their status. The popularity of Darigold comes from the array of product lined up and that available at reasonable rates.

 10. Hood


One of the oldest and experienced dairy production names in this field. It has been established in 1846, and since then they have built a brand name for them from simply being a production unit to a top brand. It is based in Lynnfield. They are producers of many dairy products and cover almost all the major dairy needs.

Hope you enjoyed this collection of milk brands. Now one small question is waiting for your sweet answer. Which is your best milk brand? or Which milk brand do you like most? Please let us know via comment section below. If you like any other milk brand which is not mentioned in this collection, please share with our audience.


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